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Yoshi Merch

We have here collections of Yoshi merch for the ultimate 90’s kids and Super Mario fans.

If that introduction takes you to the edge of your seat, then listen up, my fellow 90’s kids!

I know it’s not every day that we’re seeing things that remind us of the times when life seems a little more bearable.

Shirts, caps, plushy toys, socks, mugs, and other knick-knacks bear the adorable face of what could be the very first green monster that all 90’s kids have come to love.

If you’re one among the 90’s kids, I supposed this Yoshi merch does not need further introduction.

On the other hand, if you’ve searched for gifts (in god knows where) to give that 90’s kid in your life something he loves, you’ve found the right page.

Don’t go anywhere else without giving this product line up a chance. We spent valued time and dedication to compile what could be the ultimate gift list for a Super Mario fan.

Yoshi is a fictional green dinosaur that Nintendo introduced in 1990 through the Super Mario World video game. You may be more familiar with his bosses, Mario and Luigi.

Yoshi acts as a sidekick to the famous brothers and has gained the same popularity among the kids who played the game back in the day.

As famous as Yoshi is, not everyone knows that his real name indeed sounds that of a scientific name for a dinosaur. According to accounts, he was “T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas,” originally.

The name, however, does not fit his cute rounded nose and fat belly and that iconic smile. So, we’ve all come to know him as Yoshi.

The green dinosaur is not always a protagonist in the story if we’re to talk about his backstory. Yoshi’s ancestors might have come from the underworld.

According to accounts, Yoshi bears similarity to Tamagon, the protagonist in another game Nintendo released: the Devil’s World.

Nevertheless, Yoshi’s funny face is what you’ll see in this product lineup we’re presenting here.

After all, he is Mario and Luigi’s funny accomplice, and here at Weekly FOMO, we’re only after enjoyable finds.

These apparel, plushy toys, and knick-knacks bear Yoshi’s face, the green, fat-bellied, round-nose dinosaur who was an accomplice to the popular Mario brothers.
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