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Weird Products You'll Love

Human-Sized Sloth Costume

Promote a business or attend costume parties in this human-sized sloth jumpsuit made of grey faux-fur and comes with mittens and foot cover with lifelike claws.

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Tokyo Ghoul Mask

Channel the one-eye Ken Kaneki in this black leather Tokyo Ghoul eyepatch mask with zippered-mouth, rasping teeth, and two large jaw bolts that add to the scare.

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Jason Voorhees Mask

From the ‘Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter’ comes this replica mask of madman Jason Voorhees. The artists cast it directly from the film’s props.

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Zombie Hand Doorknob

With blood and grey nails, this zombie hand doorknob is what nightmare is made of. Guests cannot enter unless they are willing to shake hands with this creeper.

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Zombie Bowling Balls

Once spun, the zombie bowling balls go in a trance-like motion straight to knock down pins in one roll. The design is a man with a bloody face and ripped flesh.

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Lizard Eye Bowling Ball

The lizard eye bowling bowl glows in blacklight which makes the player concentrate more on the lane. It is the perfect gift for someone who’s looking for spare.

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Zombie Mugs - The Perfect Horror Gifts

These zombie mugs celebrate the success of our favorite Walking Dead TV series. They come in both horrifying and funny design to satisfy our living dead fandom.

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Armored Knight Hoodie

Wear any of these armored knight hoodies and become the modern-day knight of the medieval society. They are comfortable for daily wearing apart from cosplaying.

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Transparent Toaster

The transparent toaster is the world’s first see-through toaster. It has one button per one function feature, including a specific button for toasting baguette.

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Tron Light Up Hoodie

This Tron light-up jacket glows for 24 hours, giving time to strut your move. The lights have different settings from fast to slow blinking, to steady lighting.

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Office Nap Pillow

The office nap pillow relaxes arms and neck as you steal a minute or two of snooze in your office. You won’t be waking up to a stiff neck with this nap pillow.

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Bleeding Skull Candle Holder

The bleeding skull candle set includes polyresin skull candle holder and two blood-red drip candles. Once lit, the melting wax drips out the skull’s eye socket.

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