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Pacman Stress Ball

The officially licensed Pac-Man stress ball is perfect for those super stressful days when your deadlines force you to compromise your standards.

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Mad Max Legos

Piecing “Mad Max” Lego pieces will keep you in the zone, away from anxious thoughts. The activity will boost mindfulness which you need to avoid daily stress.

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Kirby Merchandise

Check out these Kirby plushy toys and other knickknacks. There is also apparel for adults, face mask, blanket, bed cover, comforter, and even USB electric fans.

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Christmas Tree With Train

Add some fun and perhaps a little history for this year’s Christmas with this toy train. Install it in the middle of the tree or at the base, around the gifts.

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Giant Inflatable Flamingo

Laze under the sun while riding this giant inflatable flamingo in the pool. Grab a beer or take a snap. Bring the fun a notch higher with this flamingo floater.

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Elephant plush for children and adults

Looking for an excellent gift for children of all ages, an exceptional company, or unique home decoration? This fluffy elephant plush will top your list!

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Torpedo Pool Toy For a Fun Diving

The torpedo pool toy helps teach children swim and dive in the pool. The toys have hydrodynamics design which makes them capable to submerge to up 10 feet deep.

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Lawgiver Replica from Judge Dredd

The Lawgiver replica is the gift for people who love Judge Dredd from the 2000 AD comic or Judge Dredd in 2012 film, or as played by Sylvester Stallone in 1995.

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Floating Cornhole

This floating cornhole doubles the fun in any gathering. The item includes one inflatable cornhole game board, eight waterproof bean bags, and a mesh carry bag.

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Fake Tattoo Kit

This fake tattoo kit has organic ingredients that make it safer for adults and kids. The natural ingredients, mostly wild berries, made it long-lasting as well.

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Nickelodeon Mystery Box

The Nickelodeon mystery box is a themed subscription delivered quarterly with more than $100 worth of retro toys and collectibles from 90’s Nickelodeon shows.

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Star Wars Stress Ball

The Star Wars stress balls are officially licensed Star Wars products. They have rubbery foam feel, perfect for releasing stress, tensions, and anxiety.

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