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Soccer Ping Pong Table for Every Soccer Fan 2022

Is it soccer or ping pong?

The game is a combination of both, and the makers say it's called AirSoccer.

AirSoccer is played using a unique table, which from this point, we will call the soccer ping pong table. Just like ping pong, the competing team sends the ball to the opponent's side and vice versa.

Here's the exciting part. The team members can only send the ball to the opponents by using a maximum of three touches. The members can use any part of their body to throw the ball except for their hands and arms.

So, yeah, it's a game of soccer played using a ping pong table.

But don't worry. The table is about a few inches higher than the knees, so you can use your feet and kick the ball. It is soccer ping pong, after all!

Playing The AirSoccer on The Ping Pong Soccer Ball

The concept behind AirSoccer is not new, mind you. The makers of the ping pong soccer table said professional players are already playing the sport. Among the names they dropped was that of the Orlando City Soccer Club.

Anyone who loves soccer or who wants to hone their skills, however, are welcome to play AirSoccer. The unique table made for playing the sport is designed to make anyone agile.

Each of the corners and measurements of the soccer ping pong table was designed to enhance ball control, first touch, and header. All these skills are essential to make you a good soccer player.

The makers use aluminum framing in making the table. They made it water-resistant and used acrylic to make the net. For everyone's safety, a high impact rubber protector covers the entire perimeter of the table.

Ping Pong Soccer Table Health Benefits

AirSoccer is not limited to those who want to practice their soccer skills. It's also for individuals who need daily exercise.

Most importantly, the soccer ping pong table is for those who want to foster friendships in the long run.

Soccer ping pong table allows everyone to play AirSoccer, a game where opponents can pass the ball through 3 touches only but without using their hands or arms.
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Frame Aluminum
Water Resistant Yes
Net Acrylic
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