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Medieval Shot Glasses for the Ultimate Classic Vibes

From molded crown goblets, chalice, and hammered copper shot glasses to stainless skull design, these collections of Medieval shot glasses will genuinely take you back in time.

The Medieval took place between the Roman empire and the Renaissance. That means it started after the fall of great Roman sate and before the rebirth.

Focus on religion and Christianity marked the period. Apart from the stained glass design, Medieval art is also apparent on large murals on walls and dome ceilings, including columns.

Medieval Shot Glasses For a Themed Party

How’s a Medieval-themed wedding sounds to you? Or perhaps, a Medieval-themed retirement party?

No matter what occasion you’ll be celebrating, these shot glasses will add an apparent Medieval touch to it. Most of these items come in sets of 6 to 12 pieces.

You can either choose the molded crown goblets embellished with faux but colorful gems.

There’s also those designed like stained glasses, bright with colorful sugar skulls. It’s like celebrating Mexico’s Day of the Dead with these.

The most exciting design we found is the chalice shot glasses. Unlike the real ones, these chalice replicas are much much smaller.

Another design that got our attention was a set of six hammered copper goblets. Unlike with the regular size of the ones used for wines, this set is consists of miniature pieces.

Each of the glasses was painstakingly hammered by artisans, ensuring that they will last a lifetime without developing rusts.

Food Grade Quality - No Doubt

When choosing, see to it that you’re picking those that are BPA free, as well as those that passed food-grade requirements. These are the ones that are safe for drinking.

Note that some are dishwasher safe while others are not.

With these Medieval shot glasses in every party you host, you’ll be unbeatable as the most flamboyant host/hostess of all.

Here is a collection of Medieval shot glasses that will give your parties the ultimate classic vibe: Gemmed goblets, a small chalice set, and many more.
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