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Highly Ergonomic Lapdesk Gaming for Optimally Comfortable Experience

A lapdesk gaming console like the Couchmaster CYCON could significantly improve your performance as a gamer. Whether you are a professional gamer, a computer game enthusiast, or a noob, you can substantially benefit from this device.

From attacking a medieval castle to commanding a Starfleet, you cannot be effective in battle if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. How can you lift a sword or in this case, effectively move the mouse if your hands are aching?

Comfort and efficiency combo

Hand-eye coordination and perfect timing are crucial in slaying a dragon or destroying a space cruiser. An ergonomic gaming laptop desk will help you in your missions in the cyber world.

As a gamer, what are the things you want from your tools? Is it comfort or efficiency? Why not both?

In some gaming accessories, comfort is sacrificed for efficiency or efficiency for convenience. The problem is that both are necessary to optimize performance.

Best features

The Couchmaster CYCON has the best of both worlds. It is efficient and comfortable to use for a wide range of video gaming platforms such as PC, PS4, and XboxOne.

It is designed for keyboard and mouse combo. It has the following features:

  • Integrated four-port USB-3.0 hub for maximum connectivity
  • Optimized 5m active USB-3.0 cable connection for lag-free gaming using a wired device
  • A clutter-less system with internal cable configuration
  • Memory foam cushions that ergonomically support the arms
  • Leather-look, high-quality material intended for best interactive touch
  • Integrated mouse pad for optimal use of the mouse

Significant boost

This gaming desk for couch is not an ordinary laptop desk. It has all the essential features that gamers want plus the aesthetic appeal.

Skills and practice can make you a significantly better gamer even on an internationally competitive level but having a Couchmaster CYCON provide a good boost.

A lapdesk gaming that will allow you to optimize comfort. Improve your performance and endurance today with this high-quality gaming lapboard.
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Connectivity 4 port USB-3.0
USB-3.0 cable length 5m
Material Leather look
Weight 9.26 pounds
Dimension 33.5 x 8.7 x 23.6 in
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