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Kurama Onesie For Baby

Whoever said that cosplaying is something that only adults can enjoy has yet to see this adorable Kurama onesie for baby.

You can dress up as Naruto and your little one, his best friend, Kurama.

The nine-tailed fox has proven to be the strongest of the nine-tailed beast, as you probably know if you’re one big Naruto fan.

Interestingly, Kurama hates the Uzumaki household, but nothing drove him to leave, unlike the other beasts.

If you’re one big fan, we know for a fact that as much as Kurama finds the Uzumaki household crazy and tedious, the fox loves Naruto.

Okay, enough of the anime stuff. Since we’re talking about your baby, allow me to highlight that this Kurama onesie has a soft fabric for the material.

The maker ensures that your baby’s comfort is the utmost priority beyond the anime character's attraction.

The Kurama onesie also has a snap closure so parents won’t have a problem changing diapers.

I have a little advice on choosing the size for fellow parents. Choose sizes according to your baby’s height and age in months.

And since babies grow up in a blink of an eye, you may want to choose a size that is one to two months bigger than your baby’s actual age. This way, you can enjoy the romper longer.

Take the advice from someone who regretted buying baby clothes in my baby’s real age. The dresses I purchased end up piling inside the closes after two to three times of use.

Also, you may want to buy onesies for your bundle of joy instead of other styles.

Onesies are economical in that if they became too small for the baby, you can use them as a shirt and tuck them inside the baby’s pants.

That said, this Kurama Onesie for baby is not just an outfit for mini-me cosplaying. Just as it will make your baby adorable for the event, you can also use this as a Halloween costume.

Going to the park or your in-laws’ house will also be more comfortable should your baby be in this Kuaram onesie.

Whether it is cosplaying or visiting relatives, your little one will surely be an eye-candy with this bright orange Kurama onesie.

Take your bundle of joy in cosplays or Halloween trick-or-treating in this Kurama onesie for baby. Come as Naruto and be ready to be both eye-candies for the day.
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Package Dimensions 10.91 x 7.68 x 1.18 inches
Department For Baby Boys
Colors Orange
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