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Kodama Bobblehead

Everyone who has seen the film masterpiece that is "Princess Mononoke" loves the Kodama spirit tree. These creatures have white skin with black and glowing grey eyes.

So, if you come here for a gift for someone who admires Studio Ghibli movies, you have come to the right stop.

This Kodama toy is a vinyl bobblehead and glows in the dark. It measures 3.5 inches and comes with a 32-inch lanyard.

To best enjoy the toy, put some little marbles in the head. They will simulate the sound just like how you hear them from the "Princess Mononoke" movie.

The 1997 fantasy film is one of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpieces. Imagine, it took the entire studio 16 years to design it and another three years to produce the whole movie.

In the film masterpiece, Kodama's appearance symbolizes that the forest is healthy.

To appreciate this vinyl bobblehead, Kodama, you must understand that the film is a period drama in Japan's late Muromachi period. The movie presents the conflict between the forest's supernatural guardians and the people who abuse the resources.

Kodama is the very first inhabitants of the forest. But when Lady Eboshi decided to behead the Forest Spirits' head, the Kodama died along with the forest.

The film shows how the forest healed, and with it comes the emergence of Kodama once again. Their reappearance symbolizes hope for a new life.

The story of Kodama is not something that the film invented. The belief that the tree spirit exists dates back to Japan's ancient times. People believed that Kodama travels across different forests.

Another ancient belief is that Kodama also has roots fixed in the soil. Loggers who axed Kodama would find out that he hurt a spirit when he started realizing the curse that comes with it.

If people worshipped Kodama and take care of the forest, the spirit protects houses and villages. But mistreatment could trigger powerful curses.

Some people said that Kodama has a voice. The sound is like an echo reverberating through the mountains. Kodama's voice closely resembles that of a crashing tree.

Whether it's the classic "Princess Mononoke" or the rich cultural history that comes with the spirit tree, this vinyl bobblehead Kodama is truly one gift for someone who loves Japanese history.

For people who admire Studio Ghibli's masterpieces, the Kodama bobblehead is an ultimate keepsake. It glows in the dark, which truly makes it like a real spirit.
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Height 3.5 inches
Lanyard length 32 inches
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