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Iron Throne Cardboard Cutout For GOT Fans

Are you still caught up with the most epic HBO series of our time? We found the perfect item for all you Game of Thrones fans.

Here is the Iron Throne cardboard cutout to transform your every meal into a feast the Targaryen way!

Iron Throne Cardboard Standee

To be clear, this is not a throne where you can sit to your heart’s desire the whole day. It is a standee, a life-size cutout figure of the much-coveted throne.

What you can do is set a chair inside the standee. The cardboard measures 7’ 2” by 3’ 7” by 3’ 3”.

Once the Iron Throne is all set, you can sit on it and pretend to be one true leader of the Seven Kingdoms.

It's the Perfect Decoration For Game of Thrones-themed Event

Whether you want to be a Targaryen, Lannister, or Baratheon ruler, it’s up to you. This Iron Thorne cardboard standee will create the perfect backdrop of the GOT-themed event you are planning.

Your guests will definitely be capturing lots of photos with this Iron Throne cardboard cutout.

If you’re feeling slightly selfish, then tell them the Iron Throne is exclusive for you, the birthday girl. Wear the Daenery’s costume for the full effect.

This cardboard will also add a character if you’re throwing a surprise bachelorette party for your best friend. Make that throne exclusive for the bride!

This replica of the much-coveted Iron Throne is a perfect addition to the collection of any fan who loves the TV series with all his hearts.

Getting this Iron Thorne cardboard cutout could not come in the most suitable time as HBO just announced the “House of the Dragon” as the prequel for GOT.

The new show will explore the history of the most controversial dragon-riding, sibling-marrying Targaryens — the same infamous family who gave us Daenerys and Jon Snow -er - Aegon Targaryen.

Put a chair inside this Iron Throne cardboard cutout, and you'll have the ultimate GOT-themed party you'll ever have.
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Height7 ft
Width4 ft
Depth3 ft
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