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Labyrinth Door Knockers For the Mysterious You

Don't be boring and take your taste to the next level with these labyrinth door knockers. Door knockers are the first things your guests see and touch!

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Vertical Ice Cube Tray

The vertical ice cube tray is strategic in many ways. It saves space inside the fridge and produces hexagon-shaped ice films that are easy to crash in blenders.

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Pizza Fork For Your Next Picnics and Parties

The pizza fork is a fork and a wheel cutter in one. You can slice pieces, then forked them straight to the plates. It does not rust since it is stainless steel.

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Windshield Heater

The windshield heater cleans fogs and frost during winter by heating the insides of vehicles. When summer comes, use it as a fan to cool you down while driving.

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Under Cabinet Knife Rack

Get rid of the clutter in your kitchen in a fashionable way with this under cabinet knife rack. Your kitchen won’t be an eye-sore. It is safe for kids, as well.

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Toilet Seat Lifter Pedal

With its antimicrobial technology, more than 500 homes and 150 businesses are already using the toilet seat lifter pedal. It’s time you protect your family too.

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Bubble Bowl Aquarium

The bubble bowl aquarium can be mounted on the wall. It’s perfect for those who want pet fish and create terrariums but are living in houses with limited space.

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4 Person Barrel Sauna

This 4 person barrel sauna is made of Canadian cedar that repels insects. It measures 6 feet long by 6 feet in width and has a 6KW sauna heater with lava rocks.

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Hanging Tent For Kids and Kids-At-Heart

Tie this hanging tent to a tree in the backyard or the ceiling indoor. It has lights string inside and will be like a moving castle when parents push the swing.

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Moroccan Tile Decals

Bring Moorish-inspired architecture to your walls, kitchen, staircases, bathrooms, countertops, sinks, and floors in an instant with these Moroccan tile decals.

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Mushroom Garden Lights

The mushroom garden lights are solar-powered and waterproof. They are eco-friendly and will save you a vast amount of electricity. Of course, they’re cute too.

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Best Disposable Shower Hair Traps 2021

You won’t touch those hair clogged in the drains again with these disposable hair traps. Stick it to the drain before shower, peel off after, and throw it away.

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