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‘The Office’ Themed Gifts

Are you missing the workplace due to the pandemic? Get these “The Office” themed gifts and send them to your workmates. Tell them how much they are being missed!

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Dragon Candle

This dragon candle, which is part of the PyroPet collection, hides a secret! Besides its unique shape, you’ll be in with a big surprise as it continues to burn.

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Astronomical Watch

With intelligent engineering and fascinating artistry, these astronomical watches don’t only tell time. They also show planets and how they orbit around the sun.

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Beauty and the Beast Clock

Have this majordomo Cogsworth pendulum clock from Disney’s classic “Beauty and the Beast.” It has gold accents and is part of The Art of Disney Parks Collection.

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Totoro Pillowcase

This lineup of Totoro pillowcases comes in amazing colors and soft fabric. Curl into bed and travel back in time as you hug your favorite chinchilla once again.

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Pokemon Airpod Case

Make your AirPod more unique than the rest with this Pokemon AirPod case. It has high-quality silicone material that protects AirPods from water splash and dust.

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Giant Octopus Plush

You can’t hug a real octopus even if it’s your pet. Have this soft, adorable giant octopus plushy with lifelike glass eyes and eight long fluffy tentacles instead.

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Solar System Lamps

Start kids early in astronomy with this solar system crystal ball lamp. It has eight planets and their moons arranged according to their distances from the sun.

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Slice Of Pizza Sleeping Bag

With its plush fabric material and pepperoni print all over, this triangle-shaped pizza sleeping blanket might be what you need during cold or summer nights.

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Glass Jellyfish

Feed your desire to own a pet jellyfish inside this glass jellyfish paperweight. Spoiler alert! The jellyfish isn’t real, but it glows-in-the-dark just the same.

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Colored Roses

Keep these colored roses forever because they are made of birch and colored with non-toxic dye. They look real but won’t wither and cheaper than real flowers.

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Solar System Necklace For Astronomy Enthusiasts

This solar system necklace, which doubles as a gorgeous bracelet, makes you the sun adorned by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

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