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Hobbit Feet Slippers - The Ultimate LOTR Gift

Who doesn't want to live in Middle-earth? If you are the world's biggest Lord of the Rings fan, you've got two options: sneak into New Zealand and try to find a hobbit hole that hasn't been discovered yet, or settle for these Hobbit Feet Slippers.

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Shoeshine Box For the Perfectly Shining Shoes

The antique wooden shoeshine box comes with ten pieces of KIWI items. It has tins of premium paste, horsehair brushes, shine cloths, shoe daubers and a shoehorn

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Windshield Heater

The windshield heater cleans fogs and frost during winter by heating the insides of vehicles. When summer comes, use it as a fan to cool you down while driving.

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Two Person Umbrella

The lightweight two-person umbrella has two canopies joined together with one handle for you and your loved one to enjoy walking hand-in-hand under strong rain.

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Automatic Guitar Tuner

Have this automatic guitar tuner for your electric, acoustic, classical, and steel guitars, as well as 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, and banjos.

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Titanium Flatware

This set of titanium flatware is ideal gift for newly-wed couples or husbands and wives celebrating anniversaries. Titanium is lighter but stronger than steel.

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Secret Stash Container

Is it a cactus, a lady’s hairbrush, a picture frame? No one can tell. With these secret stash containers, thieves will never know where your valuables are kept.

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Baby Lobster Costume

This baby lobster costume has 100% polyester. It’s complete with antennas and claws. It’s adorable you’ll feel like eating your baby when he wears this costume.

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Disco Ball Hoodie

The disco ball hoodie has a design that glimmers like the actual party strobe lights. Fabric is mixed cotton and polyester. It is for someone who loves dancing.

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Black Cat Stocking

This black cat stocking is your kid's go-to "little black dress." It goes with anything. It's comfortable with a combination of high-quality cotton and spandex.

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Water Bottle Hidden Compartment

The bottom of this water bottle unscrews to a secret compartment where you can hide cash. It’s the ideal gift for your friend who seems to have everything.

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Beaver Pencil Sharpener

This beaver pencil sharpener is a chrome-plated Zamak and doubles as a paperweight. It has a shape of a funny beaver with an open mouth ready to much on a wood.

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