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Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp

There aren’t enough Game of Thrones merchandise to buy for the fandom. So if you happen to discover this Game of Thrones dragon lamp, we suggest you don’t think twice.

If you’re someone like us who, even after the show’s finale, believed that the Mother of Dragons deserves the Iron Throne, this lamp is for you.

This is a Game of Thrones House Targaryen lamp. So, if you’re Mother of Dragons forever fan, throw your support to our Queen with this GOT dragon lamp.

Game of Thrones House Targaryen Lamp

The lamp changes into 16 different colors and light modes such as strobe, fade, smooth, and flash.

Fade and smooth are perfect when you’re trying to sleep in the night.

The flash mode is when colors change from one color to another. This mode is perfect for parties.

The strobe, meanwhile, is self-explanatory. It’s best for romantic nights alone with your romantic partner.

This fantastic lamp also comes with a remote control to switch it on and off. The remote change the colors as well. Another option is to touch the sensor on the base.

An important note from one user: Peel off the brown film that protects the acrylic. Otherwise, the lights will appear like sepia colors, which won’t be pleasing to the eyes.

Game of Thrones Dragon Lamp Art Light

The GOT House Targaryen lamp comes with high-detailed graphics that appear to be 3D. However, when you look closely, it is only a two-dimensional illusion of the House of Targaryen emblem.

The strategic design is made possible by a material called plane acrylic, which is engraved with the 2D laser engraving image on the surface.

Indeed, for the House Targaryen loyal supporter, the feeling of receiving this Game of Thrones dragon lamp will be unmatched.

This Game of Thrones dragon is a shoutout to the Mother of Dragons of the House Targaryen. Lights change in 16 colors, for soothing night sleep or a party vibe.
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Weight9.9 ounces
Dimension9.9 x 6.7 x 2 in
Voltage5 volts
Wattage2.5 watts
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