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Best Steampunk Gift Ideas You'll Regret Missing in 2022

You must have probably been hearing the term "steampunk" since the late 2000s, but you don't care about it until today.

The person you got for the office's Secret Santa specified in his/her wishlist that he/she wants a gift that screams "steampunk" all over it.

So, now you landed here as you search for the ultimate steampunk gift ideas.

You came in the right place, because, just like your officemate, we get what's all the rage about steampunk, whether its fashion, steampunk home decors, movies, and even music.

We've rounded steampunk items for sale that we found on the internet.

What Is Steampunk?

Before we get any further, condition your mind that three things mark the steampunk subculture: retro, futuristic, and Victorian era.

Throw those all together, and you get "retrofuturistic Victorian era," and that's what steampunk is all about.

If you want us to be highly specific about it, steampunk is the mix between the Victorian era and the more popular genre, the cyberpunk. Think of the latter with all the mixed-up social order, advanced technology, and artificial intelligence presented in a less flashy manner.

While steampunk sounds like an extremely advanced concept, it began as a movement back in the 1980s.

At the time, the people were pushing the Victorian era's romantic view of science in literature, by throwing in some elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s.

Gifts for Steampunk Enthusiasts

If there's something that can scream of a person’s love for steampunk, it’s his fashion statement.

Steampunk fashion is famous for the use of goggles, sunglasses, top hats, corsets, and mechanical gears like compass and wall clocks.

Most of the time, steampunk fans throw those elements all together in one item. You must have encountered a top hat decorated with all those stuff, with small pipes and compasses included.

The best example would be the costume worn in the movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the outfits worn by bands like Abney Park.

We can enumerate lots of examples, but we want you to get going with that gift shopping already. So, here are the steampunk decor ideas and steampunk gift items for sale we found on the internet.

Steampunk Messenger Bag

Steampunk Messenger Bag

This steampunk messenger bag is made of goat leather. The material is sewed with a waxed thread for durability. On the inside, the bag is made of sturdy canvas.
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Cyberpunk Watch

Cyberpunk Watch for All Steampunk Fans

Trendy and stylish cyberpunk watch is the perfect steampunk gift this year. It is unisex and therefore makes for the ideal gift for the upcoming holiday.
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Steampunk Light Switch Plate

Steampunk Light Switch Plate to Add a Victorian Touch to Your Home

Looking for an extraordinary gift for your significant other? This steampunk light switch plate fits that definition. A peculiar but adorably bizarre item.
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Steampunk Sunglasses With Side Shields

Steampunk Sunglasses With Side Shields

Steampunk sunglasses with side shields transform you back to the Victorian era. Nothing says cyberpunk more than these round shaped goggles.
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Steampunk Table Legs for the Maximum Cyberpunk Vibes 2022

Imbibe the genuine cyberpunk vibes with these steampunk table legs. Ride the retrofuturistic Victorian-era craze to the fullest with these authentic iron pipes.
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Steampunk Stereo Speakers

Steampunk Stereo Speakers to Add a Classic Touch to Your Music Life

The sound comes out symphonic through this steampunk stereo speakers. It may look steampunk but works on Bluetooth and can play that latest Taylor Swift hit.
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Leather Hip Bag

Leather Hip Bag For The Fashionable Easy-Going Men

This leather hip bag is not a funny pack, neither a messenger bag. It’s a little something in between, making your men fashionable easy-going at the same time.
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Steampunk Telephone Clock

Steampunk Telephone Clock That Takes You Back to the 1920s

This steampunk telephone clock might be the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s the coming Christmas, Valentine’s a house warming, or for a wedding.
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Steampunk Keyboard

Steampunk Keyboard with Soul-Satisfying Typewriter Sound

Bring back your old typewriter soul with this steampunk keyboard. Perfect for you who love those clicky sounds. Also a great gift for any steampunk lover.
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