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Gifts For Star Wars Fans 2020

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Hold on, let's stop there, we aren't going to talk about the movie here, but one thing that every fan of the Star Wars galaxy will love. What is it? Gifts!

First of all, they are not called by simply just saying the "Star Wars fans." They are called geeks.

Kidding aside, the Star Wars fans are called Star Warriors. But yeah, they are geeks. They collect Star Wars stuff like madmen.

Perfect example? It's Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

With practically hundreds of Star Wars merchandise for you to choose from, there is one thing that you shouldn't do. Make sure to never confuse the Star Wars with Star Trek.

That one there is one space war, so to speak, that hasn't ended up until this very day. And we'll find it hard to bring peace between the two.

The cool thing about giving presents to Star Wars fans is that a lot of minted and officially licensed merchandise is accessible.

With the many characters in the franchise, you'll end up with endless ideas. Darth Vader, Jedi, the Sith, Yoda, Han Solo, and too many more to name in this article.

If you're feeling a little goofy, there are fun gifts and toys you can buy. If you have some extra sum to spend, there are high-end presents the whole world is craving for.

A word of caution, however. When we say high-end Star Wars gifts, they tend to be "real" high-end. For example, the most expensive Star wars toy we know of fetches for $18,000. That was Jawa, Kenner Brand Action Figure of 12-Back original collection.

Need another one? The Millenium Falcon for $16,000 and then the Star Wars Issue #1 for $13,600.

Le'ts get going. There are also Star Wars couple gifts since there are lots of fans or even your friends having a Star Wars-themed wedding.

So, when there is stuff for a couple, then there are Star Wars gifts for kids. Parents tend to pass their interest on to their kids. Even though the best part of the movies was released back in the 80s and early 2000s, that doesn't mean kids won't love them. Don't forget; we also have new films that recently stormed the cinemas.

We know Christmas is coming real fast, but the perfect day to deliver your gifts will be during the official Star Wars day, which is on May 4 of every year.

To help you with choosing the favorite gifts for the Star Warriors, we round up the most fantastic merchandise we chance upon most recently.

Whether it's for Christmas or star wars day gifts, the force is seriously intense in this ultimate list.

One tip before you go and check out this complete guide: on that card, you'll place on the gift, write, "May the force be with you always."

R2D2 Can Cooler

This R2D2 can cooler works like a thermal bucket for that beer in a can you’ll be drinking as you celebrate the success of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
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Star Wars Lava Lamp

This Star Wars lava lamp has R2-D2 printed on it. It is an officially licensed Disney merchandise which makes it an ideal addition to your Star Wars collection.
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Star Wars Toilet Stickers

The Star Wars toilet stickers are a reminder for all the boys in the house to always never miss their aims. They can be the funniest, especially for the fandom.
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Darth Vader Star Wars Shift Knob

The Darth Vader Star Wars shift knob is perfect for a true Star Wars fan and a car lover at the same time. It is collectible and an upgrade to the car interior.
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Deathstar Firepit

This Death Star fire pit is the replica of the exploded space station. The makers used a precision laser cut technology to recreate the image of the Death Star.
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Life-Size Stormtrooper Cardboard Cutout

The life-size stormtrooper cardboard cutout may be the most affordable Star Wars collectibles you can give a Star Wars fan in your life. It measures 24" by 73".
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Lightsaber Handle Umbrella

This Lightsaber handle umbrella has seven LED lights and a flashlight at the bottom. It’s not your regular Star Wars collectibles but a functional item as well.
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Millennium Falcon Mold

Turn ice, chocolates, cake, cupcakes, jellos, soaps, and candles into the shape of the most iconic spaceship in Star Wars with this Millennium Falcon mold.
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Death Star Pregnancy Shirt

The awesome Death Star pregnancy shirt comes with the funny text: "It's no moon." It’s a reference to Luke’s reaction upon seeing Death Star for the first time.
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Star Wars Stress Ball

The Star Wars stress balls are officially licensed Star Wars products. They have rubbery foam feel, perfect for releasing stress, tensions, and anxiety.
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Death Star Speaker, Levitating and Floating 2020

If you're a Star War fan, you'll need to have this in your collection. This Death Star speaker levitates from its base and lights up when the music plays.
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Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

You can now fly the iconic Millennium Falcon quadcopter with this latest Star Wars toy. It's also a fantastic gift for all hardcore Star Wars fans out there.
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R2-D2 Car Charger That Beeps

This R2-D2 car charger fits in your car's cup holder, and yet it can power most of your gadgets. It whistles and beeps like the actual Star Wars droid we love.
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Han Solo Mini Fridge For the Star Wars Fan

Han Solo mini-fridge holds up to six cans of your favorite beverage. It's an ideal gift for a serious Star Wars fan. Indeed, the force is strong in this one.
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Constellation Pajamas To Bring the Stars to Sleep

Sleep-in or be a couch potato this coming winter in this 100% polyester constellation pajamas for women. It’s warm and snuggly the way it should be.
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BB8 Lamp, Bring The Astromech Droid Home

Put this BB8 floor lamp in your room, it’s like having the actual adorable and sometimes manipulative, the cunning droid from the Star Wars franchise.
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R2-D2 Baby Costume For Hardcore Star Wars Fan

Pass on your Star Wars passion to the next generation with this R2-D2 baby costume. Parents and grandparents will surely be lining up for this cute baby attire.
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Jedi Bathrobe to Fight the Dark Side

This Jedi bathrobe might be the perfect gift for the ultimate Star Wars fans. It'll keep them cozy and warm for that movie marathon scheduled on the 4th of May.
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Boba Fett Helmet Because Being a Jedi is Boring

Buy this Boba Fett helmet today. An officially licensed Star Wars merchandise that comes with intended scratches, just like it went through a war in space.
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Darth Vader Fire Pit For The Hardcore Star Wars Fans

Impress any Star Wars fans with this Darth Vader fire pit that when lit with fire will spew flames reminiscent of the iconic Return of the Jedi funeral scene.
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Adorable Ewok Dog Costume for Halloween, Party or Ordinary Days

Are you a fan of the Star Wars franchise and you have a lovely dog? The Ewok dog costume will put your dog in the spotlight.
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Millennium Falcon Guitar For Space Adventurers

Looking for the perfect gift for a Star War geek and guitarist? What's better than a Millennium Falcon Guitar? Let them improve their skills and have fun.
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