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Best Space Gifts For Space Enthusiasts and Astronomy Lovers (2021 GUIDE)

Space enthusiasts are at their highest spirits nowadays with reports of NASA, Elon Musk, India, and China planning their own moon and Mars missions. The latter has, in fact, just completed a crucial landing test for its first Mars mission scheduled in 2020.

With all these developments, there can be no other perfect timing to distribute space gifts for every space lovers in your family, than this Christmas 2019. Next, year, of course, is another story.

Gifts For Space Lovers

Below is a long list of products we believe are ideal gifts for space lovers. We have chosen those with special effects, like a levitating moon lamp.

We came up with this list because we know for a fact that finding gifts for space lovers is a difficult task. Unless, of course, if you are a lover of space, science, or at very least technology yourself.

Otherwise, you’re among the many who are clueless about finding space gifts. The list below can help you with your gift shopping. You’ll be surprised to know that gifts for space enthusiasts are actually everywhere, and you don’t have to look hard for you to find them.

Gifts for Astronomy Lovers

Astronomy is the scientific study of celestial bodies. The ideal gifts for astronomy lovers will be something that has to do with stars, planets, comets, and galaxies - items that are practically everywhere.

There are pillows and blankets with stars, right? There are small household items decorated with the solar system.

If you have all the money to spend, there is an option to name a star for a person. But, if we were you, we’ll save this option for that only person whom you have in your heart so dearly.

Gifts For Space Enthusiasts

We separated the astronomy lovers from space enthusiasts because there is a slight difference between these two groups.

The best gifts for space enthusiasts have something to do with outer space as a whole. Presents should be something related to astronauts, shuttles, rockets, or NASA per se.

Nonetheless, whichever the case may be, we have prepared a list of space gifts that hopefully comes handy as you conduct your gift shopping spree.

Galaxy Custom Shoes

Galaxy Custom Shoes

The galaxy custom shoes have a rubber sole that is water-resistant and non-slip. They have breathable air mesh material, making them lightweight and breathable.
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Laser Star Projector

Laser Star Projector

The laser star projector emits beams patterned after a nebula cloud or the birthplace of stars. With this, you'll always be dining and sleeping under the stars.
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Levitating Death Star Speaker

Death Star Speaker, Levitating and Floating 2021

If you're a Star War fan, you'll need to have this in your collection. This Death Star speaker levitates from its base and lights up when the music plays.
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Milky Way Galaxy in a Sphere

Milky Way Galaxy in a Sphere

This milky way galaxy in a sphere offers you choices to either play with a crystal ball or gaze at it inside your bedroom for your ultimate relaxation.
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Best Mini Planetarium at Home [year]

Best Mini Planetarium at Home 2021

This mini planetarium uses a K9 crystal to make viewing of the 3D laser-engraved solar system enjoyable. We can also adjust the light in six different colors.
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Best Moon Lantern

Best Moon Lantern for Lunar Geeks

This 3D printed moon lantern is a perfect representation of the actual moon surface. It indeed captures what lunar beauty is all about — a perfect romantic gift.
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