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Best Retirement Gag Gifts 2022

The time has come for goodbye. Your favorite coworker is retiring, and you can't stop yourself from bawling.

Do you kind of feel you're not ready yet to bid goodbye? May they be the office jester, or the one who always comes with baked goodies — that one who always smiles or comes to work with a packed lunch for everyone.

Will it help if we tell you a little trivia about goodbye?

Back in the 1570s, people spelled goodbye "godwye," which was a contraction of the phrase "God be with ye!"

So, when you're saying goodbye, think like your wishing them the best in life with all the blessings from up above.

But there's something that can make your goodbye standout from the rest of the good luck wishes they will be receiving during the retirement party. Make your goodbye funny with these retirement gag gifts we compiled below.

We listed funny retirement gift ideas that are not too hilarious, but more of the bittersweet kind of thing.

From funny retirement gifts to amusing decorations for that surprised retirement party, we believe we all have it here in our roundup.

These suggestions we have can make him laugh and cry at the same time.

We make this list with one goal in mind: not to allow your friend to have one single emotion while saying goodbye. The feeling has to be two. It has to be crying and laughing.

Actually, there's a third. The third should be your officemates peeing in their pants in waves of laughter. The gag gifts need to make them remember your goodbye as something "epic."

On the other hand, lucky for you if you're not among the officemate who's going to say goodbye. Lucky you if you're among the friends or children welcoming parents or any loved ones in their retirement.

You finally have them all to yourself! So, might as well kick off things with an epic prank with one of these retirement gag gifts.

Goodbyes need not be sad with these retirement gag gifts we rounded up just for you. We also included two or three fun retirement party ideas somewhere in there.

Submersible Drone

Submersible Drone That Swims

The submersible drone is capable of 1080p real-time streaming in the water and records in 4K UHD. Enjoy underwater views without having to leave the boat.
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Miss Retired Sash And Tiara Set

Miss Retired Sash And Tiara Set

The Miss Retired Sash comes with a tiara, making the retiree truly the center of the party, which theme can be anything from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Beyonce.
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Retirement Lawn Signs

Retirement Lawn Signs to Embark On a New Life

Rock that surprise retirement party you planned for months with these large and assorted retirement lawn signs made to endure the outdoors, in rain or shine.
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Retirement Luau Decorations

Retirement Luau Decorations for a Lively Retirement Party

Throw a much more lively Hawaiian-themed retirement party with these retirement luau decorations. Say no more to boring and sad retirement parties.
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Retirement Kitchen Towel

Retirement Kitchen Towel for the Retired but not Expired

These retirement kitchen towels have jokes written all over it, and we mean that literally! Jumpstart any much-awaited retirement with these ultimate gag gifts.
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