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Best Gifts For Pokemon Fans 2021

Pokemon, in whatever form you think of it, is the highest-grossing franchise of its kind.

The first Pokemon game was launched back in 1995. From then until this very day, as we speak here, the video game series alone grossed an astounding $90 billion.

We hate to compare. And, we don’t intend to rouse hate. Accept our apologies ahead.

But, to understand the magnitude by which Pokemon captures the hearts of the people, we need to compare different fandoms side by side.

(We’re mustering our courage at this point) Clears throat.

The Pokemon media franchise is worth more than Disney’s Star Wars. Not even Mickey Mouse or Marvel can top the Pokemon monsters.

And, for sure, you can remember Mario video game franchise, right? Well, the Pokemon games have sold 340 million units and have, therefore, become the second-best-selling video game franchise.

Okay, we’re not here to shower Pokemon fandom with praises (at least not publicly.)

We’re here to say that with that amount of success Pokemon has, chances are, you pick a Pokemon fan at the office’s Secret Santa.

If not, you may have nephews, nieces, godchildren that are into Pokemon.

And, so here you are cramming to find gifts for Pokemon fans.

The good thing is, with more than 800 Pokemon characters introduced 24 years ago, you have like hundreds of Pokemon gift ideas you can choose from.

Being in the market that long, The first generation of Pokemon fans are probably entering their 30s and 40s today. They may have passed on their passion for Pokemon to their kids at present.

So, whether its Pokemon gift for adults you’re looking for or Pokemon gifts for kids your aiming, you’ll have choices for everything.

One cool Pokemon stuff will be the Pokemon Go gifts. The game gathered $207 million in revenue just within its first month of launch. That means, no matter what age the Pokemon fans are today, they have played or probably playing the Pokemon Go still.

To help you through, we made you this list of gifts for Pokeman fans with the most fantastic Pokemon items we have chanced upon.

Lego Pokeball

Lego Pokeball to Go Catch 'Em All in 2021

What's the perfect gift for a Pokemon and Lego fan? A lego Pokeball is an answer! Coming with 77 lego pieces, it's a fantastic gift for collection.
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Pokemon Dress

Pikachu is The Cutest in This Pokemon Dress

Moms and ladies, check this out! Look adorably cute with this Pokemon dress. It’s knee-length and has a scoop neck for a much daintier effect.
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Squirtle Stuffed Animal

Squirtle Stuffed Animal For Big And Little Pokemon Fans

Surprise the Pokemon lovers this coming Christmas with this Squirtle stuffed animal. The plush toy is so soft, and snuggly you may want it for yourself, really.
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Pikachu Onesie for Toddler

Pikachu Onesie for Toddler

Pokemon lover parents, you can dress up your little one with this adorable Pikachu onesie. Wear your Pokemon costume and go cosplaying with your little buddy!
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Snorlax Jacket hoodie

Sleep in With This Snorlax Jacket

This Snorlax jacket will make you want just to eat and sleep the whole day just like the famous Snorlax. Snooze all you want with this 100% flannel sweater.
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Giant Snorlax Bed

Giant Snorlax Bed for Pokemon Fans 2021

Giant Snorlax bed is the perfect gift for all Pokemon geeks in 2019. An ideal companion for your night sleep to get you ready to catch 'em all tomorrow.
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