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Man Cave Gifts 2022

So, you have finally caved to your husband? You have finally given him space in the house for his Man Cave, and now you're looking for gifts.

You're on the right track, sweetie. According to relationship experts, having an entire space dedicated to having time alone with yourself improves the quality of marriage.

After all, you can have your own space next. You can have your version of a man cave called the She Shed or Lady's Lair for your next DIY project.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Mancave first.

Why Men Needs Man Cave?

Most woman has a natural tendency to take care of the house. Along the process, we tend to neglect that we have made the whole house too girlie.

For example, the throw pillows are either floral or glittery. And they have to match the curtains.

From the simple pot holders to those paintings on the wall, we tend to choose something that's too pretty. And, let's not start with the master's bedroom and the comfort room.

It's bad enough that the scent of the potpourri is too dainty. But, does the man's towels need to be in pink blush as well?

Man Cave Benefits Both Husbands and Wives

Man Caves are meant for the husbands to indulge in his hobbies, like sports and video games, and you know why?

Admit it or not, we women can't stand men's shouting and curse in the middle of any basketball or football game, most especially if husbands are watching the game with his male friends.

Man Caves also give women peace of mind. At least, we don't have to clean the house when his friends come over. The clutter stays inside that room.

We are for Man Caves. You know why? The men have collections that we rather not see in the living room. Not in the corner where our children can also see.

Just imagine having his stuffed animal collections in the living room? And that’s only one example of weird stuff he would like to bring along from his bachelor pad.

With his Man Cave, the whole house is free from all kinds of eye-sore.

With that said, here is our personal favorite list of man cave gifts we made, especially for the women.

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

This dragon toilet paper holder has all the elements of what the real Gothic art is, except that you don't have to rob a bank to get it for your bathroom wall.
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Best Moon Lantern

Best Moon Lantern for Lunar Geeks

This 3D printed moon lantern is a perfect representation of the actual moon surface. It indeed captures what lunar beauty is all about — a perfect romantic gift.
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Backyard Mini Golf

Backyard Mini Golf For Everyday Fun

Backyard mini golf sets we found are perfect for all golfers. There are also toy mini-golf sets ideal for introducing the sport to your little ones at home.
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Useless Box Kit

Useless Box Kit, Pointless Box, Whatever You Call It

Useless box kit brings you hilarity you've never seen before. It's so pointless to the point you should have it on your desk — a perfect gag gift.
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Dwarven Beard Hat For Gimli Fans

Dwarven Beard Hat For Gimli Fans

Dwarven beard hat makes your head and faces warm during winter. It's 100% handmade using the most beautiful yarn, making it the perfect gift for 2019.
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Virtual Reality Treadmill

Virtual Reality + Treadmill = The Future

This virtual reality treadmill offers 360 degrees of real simulation, stereoscopic films, interactive games, that allows a three-dimensional motion to players.
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Pizza Sleeping Bag

Pizza Sleeping Bag, Cozy and Delicious

If you love pizza, especially pepperoni, you'll love this pizza sleeping bag. The softest pizza dough from Florence, Italy, will wrap your body comfortably.
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No-Spill Coffee Cup

No-Spill Coffee Cup Keeps Your Drink Up to the Last Drop

The no-spill coffee cup is the perfect gift for coffee lovers. It has two lids and double-walled insulation to keep your drink hot or cold up to the last drop.
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Pool Table Soccer

Pool Table Soccer For Snookball 2022

If only you can play pool and soccer at the same time. Oh, wait, you can! This pool table soccer is about to make your wish come true. Discover the fun today!
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Chomping Shark Slippers For Shark Lovers

Chomping Shark Slippers For Shark Lovers

With these plush chomping shark slippers, you can lurk around your home, feeling like the king of the ocean while playing the Baby Shark Song on the background.
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Giant Lava Lamp

Giant Lava Lamp With a Lot of Action

Redecorate your room with this giant lava lamp that comes with a relaxing full-of-action liquid design. The lamp is also a perfect gift for family and friends.
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Simpsons Slippers

Simpsons Slippers Bringing Laughter Anytime Anywhere

Any fan will surely appreciate these Simpsons slippers. It's literally Homer Simpson's face, with big eyes and thick lips. Bringing laughter all the time.
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Ferrofluid Clock

Ferrofluid Clock for All Scientist-At-Heart 2022

This ferrofluid clock combines science and art. The ferrofluid is made from prototype rocket fuel. The clock itself is handcrafted from solid oak and aluminum.
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Lego Pokeball

Lego Pokeball to Go Catch 'Em All in 2022

What's the perfect gift for a Pokemon and Lego fan? A lego Pokeball is an answer! Coming with 77 lego pieces, it's a fantastic gift for collection.
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Glow in The Dark Jellyfish Paperweight

Glow in The Dark Jellyfish Paperweight 2022

Glow in the dark jellyfish paperweight is a unique gift for colleagues and friends. It’ll also be an excellent addition to your snow globe collection.
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