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Best Halloween Gift, Treat, and Basket Ideas [2020 GUIDE]

If we're the ancient Celtics, we're going to dress up in costumes to hide from ghosts who returned to our world for this coming spooky Halloween.

We will wear masks when we roam the streets during the Halloween nights, so ghosts will think we're one of them. People will also place food outside the house, believing that zombies will eat them.

But since we are here at present, we are celebrating Halloween day as a party by wearing costumes but more to scare people. We will also celebrate by giving gifts to our friends and by giving candies to kids.

And, so, here you are looking for the best, cute, and fun Halloween gift ideas.

Let's start with Halloween gifts for toddlers

Just like with any occasion, children are easiest to please. You may think bags of delicious cookies, snacks, Halloween candy, or chocolate would suffice? But isn't going to be a boring treat?

When it comes to gifts for Halloween, we think the best present would still be toys but with a creepy twist.

The trick is toddlers will enjoy Halloween toys that they can use to prank adults. But nothing can give them so much joy for the Halloween than a Jack O Lantern full of sweets.

Got Any Halloween Bags For Adults?

There are many Halloween items you can shop online today. It might help first to think about what you want to do for the people you would be getting gifts.

For example, do you want to pull a prank on them? Then better find a selection fo Halloween treats to pull the perfect prank.

Or, if you're feeling a little extra, you can devise an elaborate prank that will take your victim on a roller coaster of emotions. From one that could start with something terrifying like a made-up murder scene, or something ending in hilarity like an ugly unicorn suddenly entering the scene.

If it's your special one that you want to surprise, there are also romantic and at the same time, scary stuff to send.

Speaking of romantic, do you know that Scottish girls used to believe that they will see the face of their future husbands when they hang wet sheets on fire during Halloween.

Some beliefs also go that when a young girl throws a strip of an apple peeling, and it landed on her shoulder, the shape will reveal the first letter of the name of her future husband.

Elsewhere, people used to make cakes during Halloween. Inside they placed a ring and a thimble. If a girl gets a slice with the ring, she will marry that year. If she gets the thimble, she'll be unlucky in romance for the rest of the year.

Enough with the Halloween backstory and fun facts, let's start with our list of favorite Halloween gifts, bag, basket, box, or whatever you want to call it.

Zombie Hand Doorknob

With blood and grey nails, this zombie hand doorknob is what nightmare is made of. Guests cannot enter unless they are willing to shake hands with this creeper.
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Zombie Bowling Balls

Once spun, the zombie bowling balls go in a trance-like motion straight to knock down pins in one roll. The design is a man with a bloody face and ripped flesh.
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Lizard Eye Bowling Ball

The lizard eye bowling bowl glows in blacklight which makes the player concentrate more on the lane. It is the perfect gift for someone who’s looking for spare.
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Lawgiver Replica from Judge Dredd

The Lawgiver replica is the gift for people who love Judge Dredd from the 2000 AD comic or Judge Dredd in 2012 film, or as played by Sylvester Stallone in 1995.
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Sumo Suit For Your Next Halloween Party

This padded sumo suit doubles the fun during Christmas parties, team building, family reunion, and group events. The sumo costumes come in adult and kids sizes.
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Armored Knight Hoodie

Wear any of these armored knight hoodies and become the modern-day knight of the medieval society. They are comfortable for daily wearing apart from cosplaying.
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Bleeding Skull Candle Holder

The bleeding skull candle set includes polyresin skull candle holder and two blood-red drip candles. Once lit, the melting wax drips out the skull’s eye socket.
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Dark Knight Joker Mask

Wear this Dark Knight Joker mask to celebrate the success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Recreate the famous dancing scene at The Bronx with this Joker Clown mask.
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Authentic Batman Mask

The authentic Batman masks are officially licensed DC products. They are in adult and kid sizes. There are designs from Dark Knight Rises and Batman TV version.
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Kratos Cosplay

This Kratos cosplay costume has high-quality fabric and is inspired by The Ghost of Sparta from the God of War series. It is made only by an experienced tailor.
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Creepy and Hilarious Doge Masks

Wear one of these funny and creepy doge masks. Your basic photography and editing skills to make a meme, we may have found the ticket to your online fame.
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Mercenary Cosplay You'll Love

Come as an anime character with this fantastic mercenary cosplay costumes. They are light and comfortable to wear everyday clothes, especially during the summer.
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Realistic Creepy Peeping Tom Props

Hang this creepy Peeping Tom prop in the window or in the car to pull off scary pranks the whole year-round. You'll pull a timeless prank everyone would love.
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Giant Cat Head Costume

Become the center of attention with this giant cat head costume. It's a plush, lightweight, and with see-through eyes and wide-mouth opening.
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Realistic Full Cat Head Mask

Whether you're planning to record for cat memes or videos, this cat head mask will be a sure-fire hit. Be the next viral sensation before you even know it.
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Dark Knight Costume For All Batman Wannabes

This officially licensed Dark Knight costume is complete with shirt, pants, satin cape, molded latex headpiece, tunic, shorts, belt, gloves, and boot tops.
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Dustin Hoffman Hook Costume Also Known as Captain Hook

Channel the Steven Spielberg classic with this Dustin Hoffman Hook costume. The set includes the complete set of attributes to turn you into Captain Hook.
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Freddy Krueger Realistic Mask, Never Sleep Again

Get Krueger's realistic mask that'll scare anyone you want to prank for Halloween. Complete the whole costume with his hat, burnt jacket, and razor gloves.
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Horror Jigsaw Puzzles For Everyone, For Every Occasion

An assortment of horror jigsaw puzzles awaits horror lovers. From random monster faces to Pennywise, choose the scariest pieces to play tonight with friends.
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Full Spartan Armor For All Leonidas Fans

You don’t have to cram for those well-toned six-packs to channel being a Spartan for the Halloween with this full spartan armor. It’s complete with fake abs!
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Dragon Ball Z Dog Costume for Your Fur Baby

Dress your fur baby up as Son Goku. With its 100% cotton fabric, your dog can wear this on Christmas as well, even during your regular walk in the park.
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R2-D2 Baby Costume For Hardcore Star Wars Fan

Pass on your Star Wars passion to the next generation with this R2-D2 baby costume. Parents and grandparents will surely be lining up for this cute baby attire.
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Fallout Power Armor Costume to Thrive in the Wasteland

Nothing spells fear better this Fallout Power Armor costume reminiscent of the post-apocalypse. It’s an officially licensed product a true fan will appreciate.
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Creepy Unicorn Costume to Level Up Your Costume Game

Creepy unicorn costume is as scary as Chucky or Pennywise. Far from the colorful creature you know, the mask can only be described as a unicorn-gone-wrong.
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Remote Control Spider for the Ultimate Prankster

Pull off the ultimate prank for Halloween with this remote control spider toy. Make it move forward, left, and right, and watch your guests shriek in fear.
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Boba Fett Helmet Because Being a Jedi is Boring

Buy this Boba Fett helmet today. An officially licensed Star Wars merchandise that comes with intended scratches, just like it went through a war in space.
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Scary Shower Curtain to Scare Your Guests

This Halloween shower curtain has fake blood all over its white polyester fabric. What makes it more terrifying? There's a "HELP" message written in fake blood.
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Channel 'The Dude' With Big Lebowski Sweater

Going crazy over what gift to give your husband, brothers-in-law, nephews? Fret not, you can never go wrong with this classic The Big Lebowski Sweater.
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Hookshot Replica For Zelda Fans

This Hookshot replica is the spitting image of the one from the Ocarina of Time. It'll complete your costume or can be the best gift for your gamer friend.
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Giant Inflatable Spider to Add a Spooky Touch

Kick your Halloween decorations a notch higher this year with this giant inflatable spider. The item comes with a built-in fan motor and can inflate on its own.
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Darth Vader Fire Pit For The Hardcore Star Wars Fans

Impress any Star Wars fans with this Darth Vader fire pit that when lit with fire will spew flames reminiscent of the iconic Return of the Jedi funeral scene.
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This Octopus Lights Make Your Nights Quirky And Nice

Bring that by-the-shore ambiance right inside your bedrooms, living rooms, and even in your kitchen with this wide-eyed adorably quirky octopus lights bulb.
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Jurrasic Park Velociraptor Claw For Dinosaur-Obsessed Kids And Parents

Encourage your kids’ obsession with dinosaurs with this soft Jurassic Park Velociraptor Claw. A study says kids who love dinosaurs are actually smarter.
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Yeti Slippers For Kids And Adults

Buy these Yeti slippers for your family, and you'll have fun being the wicked abominable snowmen family even Goldilocks and the Three Bears will die of envy.
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Pikachu Onesie for Toddler

Pokemon lover parents, you can dress up your little one with this adorable Pikachu onesie. Wear your Pokemon costume and go cosplaying with your little buddy!
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Sleep in With This Snorlax Jacket

This Snorlax jacket will make you want just to eat and sleep the whole day just like the famous Snorlax. Snooze all you want with this 100% flannel sweater.
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The Ultimate Prank Gift: Burger King Mask

Get this horrifying but attractive Burger King mask for your next cosplay or Halloween party. Or better yet, get it as the ultimate prank gift for your friends!
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Best RoboCop Costume 2020

Be the loving husband, doting father, and the crime-fighting badass cyborg cop just like the real Alex Murphy with this lightweight RoboCop costume.
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Adorable Ewok Dog Costume for Halloween, Party or Ordinary Days

Are you a fan of the Star Wars franchise and you have a lovely dog? The Ewok dog costume will put your dog in the spotlight.
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Predator Costume The Real Attention-Grabber

Looking for a new costume for a party? Grab this predator costume along with its famous weapon today and get the thrill of being the famous villain.
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Hell Spawn Costume for Classic Comic Books Fans

If you will work on a spawn cosplay, you might as well do it with this costume. This will make you appear like the actual Hell Spawn.
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Scariest Remote Controlled Witch

The perfect remote controlled witch doesn't exist? Wait till you see this! Spooky, scary, creepy, anything you need to make the scariest night.
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