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Gifts for Lord Of The Rings Fans: 2020 Guide

Scratching your head over your pick for the Secret Santa this year? If you get a Lord of the Rings fan, they don’t have much on their gifts wish list. But if you don't know what the story is about, then you'll find it hard to shop around cluelessly.

The thing is, even if they only have one item on their wish list, it involves scouring for new Lord of the Rings merchandise that you’re not familiar with.

Let’s get you started with the basics of the Middle-Earth of Tolkien.

First thing first, LOTR stands for Lord of the Rings, the great series of high fantasy books written by the famous Tolkien. Everyone knows that, right? Or at least you've heard the name, Tolkien?

Now, what are Lord of the Rings fans called, you ask?

No, don't call them hobbit or Gandalf!

You may call these fans Ringers if they are fans in general. By “general fans,” we mean, they watched Peter Jackson’s perfect live-action film trilogy and spoke of LOTR so passionately after the day they watched back in 2004 and years after until present.

If you’re in bad luck… er… in luck, the person you have for Secret Santa is a Tolkienite or Tolkiendil. These are the ones that by now may have nearly mastered the Elvish languages and Tolkineology, and they may already be living the world of Tolkien itself.

You see, being a member of the fandom is so complicated. The ones hooked by the films are easy to please. You may ask why? Because the journey in the movies is only a small part of the books.

Those who were into the books, however, are passionate about their stuff. Talk to A Song of Ice and Fire fan, and multiply that enthusiasm by ten times more if not by a hundred times more. It's a serious matter.

You don’t know anything about A Song of Ice and Fire from Game of Thrones too? What about Harry Potter?

Anyways, we won’t be transitioning this supposedly short feature to a lengthy book review. But the fact that you’re still clueless at this point means all you needed to know are possible Lord of the Rings merchandise you can buy.

We may have rambled on, our apologies.

Okay, okay, we saw you repeatedly roll your eyes already.

So, without making this introduction longer, here is the list of great ideas you can give as a gift for that Lord of the Rings fan you got for the office’s Secret Santa.

You'll find common ones like the one ring, elven rings, mugs, necklaces, guides, or replica. Since this guide is supposed to be a unique a.k.a best guide, you'll also find special ones that you haven't never though.

O wait, by the way, there are two words you may want to write down on the gift card.

“My precious!”

Dwarven Beard Hat For Gimli Fans

Dwarven beard hat makes your head and faces warm during winter. It's 100% handmade using the most beautiful yarn, making it the perfect gift for 2019.
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Lord of The Rings Passport Cover For Every Wanderlust

This Lord of The Rings passport cover holds two passports and your cards. It's a perfect, not just for the LOTR fans but for anyone who's also a wanderlust.
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Lord of The Rings Parchment Map of the Middle-earth

This Lord of The Rings parchment map offers a detailed representation of the Middle-earth. It's the perfect gift for any LOTR fan around the world.
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King Theoden Helmet for The Ultimate LOTR Fandom

Nothing speaks of the Lord of the Rings louder than this King Theoden helmet designed with arts and graphics known only to the genuine people of the Rohirrim.
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Lord of the Rings Salt and Pepper Shakers

This Lord of the Rings Salt and Pepper Shakers set is designed after Aragorn and Arwen, a mortal and an immortal who fall in love with each other.
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Gandalf The Grey Staff Replica

Amaze that LOTR fan friend of yours with this Gandalf the Grey staff replica based on the actual prop used in The Lord Of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.
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The Perfect Cosplay Uruk Hai Armor

Forget about the regular Orcs or even Sauron, wear this Uruk Hai armor to your next cosplay event, and you’ll be the evilest creature known in this world.
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Sauron Gauntlet to Conquer the Middle-Earth

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A Slice of Middle Earth: A Hobbit House Miniature for Garden

Own a slice of Middle-Earth and build a community of Frodo Baggins and the hobbits we love with a miniature hobbit house!
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