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Best Gifts For Japan Lovers: 2022 Guide

You may be wondering why Japan captures more hearts than any other culture in the world. The answer to that is a long lesson in history that we're not capable of narrating without dedicating an entirely new website.

But we'll try our best.

Japan used to observe isolationist policy where its culture was shut off from any other influence. As the centuries went by, the country started to be more open, introducing their ways to the western people.

The centuries of isolation, however, made their culture compact and preserved. Instead of being influenced when it decided to be more open, what happened is that the culture became mystifying to outsiders.

What resulted is a culture that all other races have fallen in love with. And with that, multitudes of Japanese culture lovers were born.

And so here you are, looking for the best gifts for the Japanese lovers that are your friend, colleague, and perhaps significant other. Here you are looking for handmade Japanese gifts for men and women.

Lucky for you, we made a list of the top 10 gifts from Japan that you can give them this coming Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, you may want to know that the season is more of a romantic event for the Japanese. Where Christmas is celebrated as a family event in most countries, Japan celebrates it like one that of Valentine's day.

Japanese couples exchange romantic gifts over romantic dinners. You may want to tell this to your Japanese culture lover boyfriend or girlfriend the moment you hand him your gift.

You want more trivia, you say?

Here's an amusing one. Think of how we frown over someone eating loud?

In Japan, it's actually a compliment if guests are slurping their way through the bowls. The louder the slurp, the better.

What's actually frowned upon in Japan is when someone eats and drinks while walking.

Speaking of drinking, when people are on a spree together, it is polite to refill each other's glasses rather than having them refill by themselves. You may want to always keep your eyes out on someone's empty glass when drinking with the Japanese.

We can go on and on about the Japanese culture, but you're here because you're looking for Japanese gifts for him and her.

So without further adieu, here is our list of the top gifts from Japan for Japan lovers.

Kawaii Cookie

Kawaii Cookie: A Worldwide Phenomenon

From recipes from the world's most renowned kawaii cookie bakers, to lifelike kawaii cookie toys, pencils, dresses, and shirts, we found all things cute and adorable.
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Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Bowls

Contemporary Japanese Ceramic Bowls 2022

Contemporary Japanese ceramic bowls exist, and we think its the perfect house warming and wedding gift. These ceramics also serve as office giveaways and souvenirs.
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Yunomi Tea Cup Set

Yunomi Tea Cup Set

Have a Japanese-themed tea drinking ceremony with friends or loved ones with this Yunomi teacup set made with the famous Kutani porcelain of Japan.
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Itazura Kitty Coin Bank

Teach Kids How To Save With The Itazura Kitty Coin Bank

Introduce the concept of saving to your kids with this fun Itazura kitty coin bank. The Tora cat inside the box only comes out when a coin is placed on it.
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Sushi Socks

Sushi Socks Are The Gifts That Rock

Pull the ultimate hilarious prank and elicit those contagious weaves of laughter when you get these sushi rocks as a gift for the upcoming gift-giving season.
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Kimono Fabric But In a Purse

Kimono Fabric But In a Purse

From coins to credit cards, driver's licenses, paper bills, to small cosmetics and jewelry, this kimono fabric purse is a masterpiece right inside your pocket.
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Sushi Meal Kit

This Sushi Meal Kit Cuts Your Spending In Half

Tired of spending in fancy restaurants after eating sushi more than twice this week? Roll those sushis or makis right in your kitchen with this sushi meal kit.
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