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Best Gifts For Bus Drivers 2022

Time check: It has been mid-October already. By this time, you're probably started or already done with your shopping list.

Kindly double-check the list. Ensure you do not forget gifts for your kids' bus drivers.

These angels are significant participants in your children's safe commute to the school every day. You entrust your kids to them five days a week.

If we're going to be specific, you're entrusting your kids' lives to them ten times a week. They pick up the kids in the morning and finally when they get them home safely in the afternoon.

In return, it won't hurt if you give a little something that will remind them they are much appreciated.

Student Gifts From Bus Driver

To remind you of how bus drivers genuinely care for your children, allow us to tell you the story of one Curtis Jenkins from Dallas.

Jenkins is a bus driver for Lake Highlands Elementary School. His story went viral in December 2018.

He asked each kid he drives for school what they wish for Christmas. He saved his own salary to buy these gifts for the kids.

When the local community finds out what he was doing, they pool in some funds and add to Jenkins' savings. That year, 70 kids received what they want for Christmas.

Interviewed by local media back then, he said he wanted to "magnify loving and caring." Jenkins believes that if adults show kids a lot of love, they will know how to give love in return.

Christmas Gift Idea For Bus Driver

Bus driver gifts need not be elaborate and complicated. The present can be the most straightforward token you can find.

When choosing gifts for them, bear in mind to give something that can lighten their daily work. Something that can make them relax and in peace even when driving.

Gifts can be something to lift their spirits, so they have a clear mind when driving your kids every day.

To make your shopping more comfortable, we rounded up Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers that you can choose.

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