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Best Game of Thrones Gifts [GUIDE FOR 2022]

Is there somebody not obsessed with Game of Thrones? There were 17.4 million viewers who watched the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere alone. The finale, on the other hand, was viewed by 13.6 million people.

So, most probably, the one you’ll be giving a gift to for the coming Christmas is a Game of Thrones fans. And, here we rounded up the most exciting Game of Thrones gifts for that ultimate GOT nerd.

Game of Thrones Gift Ideas

You have lots of options on how you want to go about choosing the Game of Thrones merchandise for your friends.

For example, you can choose replicas inspired by their favorite GOT elements, such as Daenery’s dragons.

But, if you’re going that direction, there could be no better replica than the ones inspired by the Iron Throne. After all, the much-coveted seat is the main point of the whole story.

You can also go in the direction of choosing GOT costumes. In this regard, we assumed the most popular ones would be that of Jon Snow and Daenerys.

But, mind you, Jon and the Mother of Dragons are not the most favorite character from the show.

If you’re going to choose a gift based on the most favorite GOT character, then look for something related to Tyrion and Hodor. Some fan polls on most favorite GOT characters revealed that these two are among the most preferred with Jon Snow and Daenerys coming in third only.

Arya or Lady Brienne usually comes in second based on the surveys.

In case you’re going to look for Game of Thrones gift based on the most potent house from the show, you’ll also be surprised that it’s not who you’ve expected.

You must have guessed that the Starks are the most powerful, right. However, it is the Targaryen.

Perhaps that’s the reason why the HBO decided to release a GOT prequel focusing on the Targaryen for 2020.

The said prequel, titled House of the Dragon, will follow the journey of the Targaryen House some 300 years ago before Game of Thrones.

Anyways (we’re talking too much), here we rounded up some suggestions for Game of Thrones gifts to give your GOT friend this Christmas.

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

This dragon toilet paper holder has all the elements of what the real Gothic art is, except that you don't have to rob a bank to get it for your bathroom wall.
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Jon Snow Cloak

"You Know Nothing" Jon Snow Cloak

We found a collection of Jon Snow cloaks you can buy today. Our most favorite is the cloak similar to the one Sansa gave him in The Door episode.
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Kingsguard Armor

Kingsguard Armor From Game Of Thrones

Whether you intend it for display among your Medieval collections or wanting to join a cosplay party, this Kingsguard armor will satisfy you just the same.
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Dragon Earring Wrap

Dragon Earring Wrap for all Mothers of Dragons

This dragon earring wrap completes your overall Goth fashion but at the same time, complements whatever clothing that is in style today. A great gift for your loved ones.
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Dragon Sink Faucet

Dragon Sink Faucet For The Quirky Bathroom

Building a new house or renovating? This dragon sink faucet will transform your home overall theme to something that can only be best described as mythical.
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Game of Thrones Throne Figure

Game of Thrones Throne Figure for the Ultimate Fans

Everyone in the show was vying for the Game of Thrones's throne. You’re lucky because there is a Game of Thrones chair for sale to add to your GOT collection.
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Game of Thrones Throne Figure

Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Replica

You watched characters fight, bleed, and die in the past seasons for the seat of power. So, seal the last season by taking the GOT Iron Throne for yourself.
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