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Best Christmas Gifts for College Students 2022

Surprise! It's exactly 80 days before Christmas as we speak.

If you've chanced upon this in mid-October or worst, November, it means you're running way, way too late. You're probably cramming for gift shopping as you read this.

Speaking of cramming, college students are the best in that game. And, speaking of college students, here we list the best gifts for them for the coming Christmas.

Relax, you're in luck. Because when it comes to gift-giving, college students are the easiest to please. Especially if you happened to be their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

Just throw them some cash, and you're free of the hassle.

Unfortunately for you though, if you happened to be their friends, or worse, their fellow students.

College students can be the most critical and highly discerning when receiving gifts. Hopefully, this list we created of the best tips for college students 2019 can help you out.

The items on this list aren't expensive. Rest assured, they won't blow off your limited budget.

What we have in mind as we make this list is how you youngsters love pranks. We also considered practicality and uniqueness as we ranked these gifts.

Don't you worry, because we also think about how you love the outdoors and how you'll find it surprising if you have a thing or two of these items for your next adventure.

If you're here not because you're thinking about your gift shopping and instead is making your wish list, sorry to disappoint you, but this does not include a European trip for two.

Nope, this list does not include PS4 as well.

Rest assured, however, that each of the items we had for this list, will make you feel important and being thoughtfully cared about.

Whether your shopping for gifts for your friends or designing a wishlist you'll distribute to family members, we wish you Merry Christmas in advance!

Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

This self-balancing electric stake board is the new generation Hoverboard. It makes learning quicker and riding much more comfortable even for newbies.
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NES Shoes

NES Shoes to Bring All the Memories Back

Who doesn't love NES? Bring the good old memories back with a pair of fantastic NES shoes. Many are made-to-order, and you can request a custom-made one.
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Submersible Drone

Submersible Drone That Swims

The submersible drone is capable of 1080p real-time streaming in the water and records in 4K UHD. Enjoy underwater views without having to leave the boat.
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Pizza Sleeping Bag

Pizza Sleeping Bag, Cozy and Delicious

If you love pizza, especially pepperoni, you'll love this pizza sleeping bag. The softest pizza dough from Florence, Italy, will wrap your body comfortably.
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Hydrofoil Paddle Board

Hydrofoil Paddle Board For Ultimate Water Adventure

With advanced fusion technology with lightweight military-grade PVC material, hydrofoil paddle board will take you to territories you’ve never thought before.
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Great White Shark Socks

Great White Shark Socks That Bite

These great white shark socks have the tight-knit fabric, but the real highlights are those quirky shark designs, making it the best gag gift you can give.
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Self Sustaining Ecosphere

Self Sustaining Ecosphere: A Slice of World in Your Hands

This self-sustaining ecosphere kit has three live shrimps and a bubble glass with microorganisms. Put the shrimps in the glass and watch them live for years.
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Fallout Power Armor Costume

Fallout Power Armor Costume to Thrive in the Wasteland

Nothing spells fear better this Fallout Power Armor costume reminiscent of the post-apocalypse. It’s an officially licensed product a true fan will appreciate.
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Rubik's Cube Made Out of Legos

Rubik's Cube Made Out of Legos

Develop problem-solving skills with this Rubik's cube made out of Legos. This toy also teaches us patience and creativity without leaving out the absolute fun.
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Beer Pong Hat

Beer Pong Hat to Amplify Your Parties to the Next Level

Bring an exciting twist to the typical beer pong with this inflatable beer pong hat. Challenge the opponents as you become a moving target all night long.
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Big Lebowski Sweater

Channel 'The Dude' With Big Lebowski Sweater

Going crazy over what gift to give your husband, brothers-in-law, nephews? Fret not, you can never go wrong with this classic The Big Lebowski Sweater.
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Interlocking Tubes

Inflatable Interlocking Tube Floaties For You And Your Besties

Take these interlocking tubes for your next trip to the river or lake. Floating has never been this cool until this giant jigsaw floatie for besties or family.
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Portal Bookends

Portal Bookends For Your Geeky Friend

Looking for a gift for a geek? You can never go wrong with this portal bookends fanart edition. It's perfect for their novels and comic book collections.
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wooden adjustable standing desk

Adjustable Wood Desk For Home and Office-Based Workers

Improve your overall health by cutting your sitting hours at work with this adjustable wood desk which has been all the rage among the professionals today.
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Diamond Chocolate Mold

Diamond Chocolate Mold And Romance

Unleash that artisan chocolatier in you and impress your S.O by making those mouth-watering and perfectly shaped candies with this diamond chocolate mold.
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halo game blanket

Fandom Halo Game Blanket

All hardcore fans of Master Chief should have this Halo game fleece blanket that will keep them warm while playing or simply when snoozing during the cold days.
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Gaming Blanket

Snuggly Gaming Blanket for Serious Gaming

Whether you want to be kept warm while you play Fortnite 24/7 or while reading a book or watching TV, this wearable gaming blanket got you covered (pun intended).
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majora mask watch

Majora Mask Watch For The Geeky Sexy You

This incredibly detailed replica watch inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for Nintendo 64 and 3DS will highlight that genuine geeky and sexy side of you.
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Domo Toasters

It's a Brand New Morning With Domo Toasters

It's a dreary Monday no more with this Domo Toaster in your kitchen. Your bread, English muffins, waffles, hamburger buns will never be the same way again.
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Lego Gummy Molds

Lego Gummy Molds For All Party Treats

Create a candy town with Lego gummy molds, and you won’t fret over making a party unique, ever again and you’ll always be on top of the party-planning game.
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Stainless Steel Keycaps

Stainless Steel Keycaps For The Legit Gamers

This Fitlink FPS & Moba WASD stainless steel keycaps might just be the perfect fit for legit gamers whose main enemies are worn-out and corroding WASD keys.
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Water Jetpack Flyboard

Water Extremes with a Water Jetpack Flyboard

You need to try one thrilling ride that will match the adrenaline rush of other water adventures you’ve had — the water jetpack flyboard.
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One Wheel Bike

Take on the Road with a One Wheel Bike

For those already tired with the common two-wheeled cycling hobby, you can always try a more challenging way to ride just like in a one wheel bike.
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