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40th Birthday Gift Ideas (2020 GUIDE)

“Life begins on your 40th birthday. But so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times.” - Helen May Rowland, an American journalist, and humorist.

If that quote got you laughing, then you understood what being 40 truly means. That will also mean that if someone dear is going to celebrate the big 40 soon, you may have to put extra thought and effort into finding the best 40th birthday gift.

Birthday Gift Ideas as Life Begins at Forty

Do you know why they say life begins at 40? It’s because that significant number is the beginning of the grand middle age or as others call it the “sweet spot.”

People turning 40 are no longer a youth, obviously. But, at the same time, they are not yet in their old age.

They’re just in the middle of a life where they have probably settled about marriage and career, and they’re way far from those angst-filled days of being twenty.

Anyone who turned 40 is more assured of himself. These people know their place in the world, and there’s no more question about their identity.

Unlike in the 30s, when and they’ve only thought about stopping the days to prevent them from getting old, being 40 is all about acceptance.

Gifts are more important at this time than ever before. And, you know why? This year will probably be the first time in years that they’re celebrating birthdays once again.

Adults at some point have stopped celebrating birthdays until they turned 40. Suddenly, they want big parties and intimate occasions to mark the milestone.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not here to put pressure for you to find that ideal gift to give.

We’ve come up with 40th birthday gift ideas that range from being timeless, functional, practical, and hilarious. You can check out all these exciting gift ideas below.

Golf Club Drink Dispenser

The pump of this golf club drink dispenser looks like a golf club. The spout is disguised as an actual number 1 driver so it remains discreet inside a golf bag.
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Air Conditioner Clothes

The conditioner clothes measure 5 by 4.1 by 3 inches. It has a 3-speed wind power choices. You can freely adjust to the most comfortable wind speed as you need.
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Living Moss Bath Mat

The living moss bath mat is made of real moss that feeds on water droplets and moisture from the bathroom. Unlike common bat rugs, no bacteria can live on them.
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Compact Solar Panels

The compact solar panels are perfect for your RV. It has a positive output tolerance of 0-3%, can withstand high winds of 2,400PA and snow loads of 5,400PA.
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Copper Bonsai Tree

The copper bonsai tree attracts emotional and physical healing, luck, success, and abundance. It is paired with one elephant statue to symbolize power.
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EDC Screwdriver

This EDC screwdriver is complete with a bit bar, eight black oxide bits, a 60mm extension, and one leather case. All this will fit perfectly inside your pocket.
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Laser Star Projector

The laser star projector emits beams patterned after a nebula cloud or the birthplace of stars. With this, you'll always be dining and sleeping under the stars.
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Bookcase Chair Combo For Bookworms

The bookcase chair is both a bookshelf and cushioned-chair at the same time. It's the best of both worlds for bookworms and your reading addict friends.
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