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Top 30 Romantic Gifts For Him


Shopping for your man can be tedious. You might be sick and tired, looking at all those stereotypical romantic gift ideas for him. Think of the basics and add creativity that will do the magic.

Although great gifts come in small packages, for sure, it will rip your pocket. Reinvent your present, personalize it, and add a little teaser to make it a thousand more romantic.

Bluetooth Beanie

Stay warm in winter or until springtime with this unisex Bluetooth Beanie by XIKEZAN.  It’s a growing trend today to wear a beanie on the head. It is functional, stylish, and can be the romantic gift for boyfriend that you're looking.

It is a knitted music hat with the latest technology Headphones V4.2 and a Built-in 110DB HD Stereo Speaker (10-meter range). The Bluetooth beanie rechargeable battery Li-Ion works for 8 hours.

Take that listening pleasure to the next level with this stylish, beanie knitted hat. Use it indoors or outdoors during cold, chilly weather. This Bluetooth apparel is ideal for gifting for any occasion all year ‘round.

Love Combo Pack

What makes the all-season romantic gift ideas for boyfriend or a husband? Check online shops for ideas and look for a multi-purpose gift.

Some gifts bring out the romance and functionality to our daily lives. The Love Combo Pack by TIED RIBBONS is the best choice you can avail on the internet.

The India-made gift set has a dimension of 11.8 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches and only weighs 7 ounces. It comprises a ceramic coffee mug, a throw pillow (16 x 16 inches) with insert, a wooden keyring, and a romantic greeting card.

Live with style and let love overflow with this thoughtful present from a sweet partner like you.

Boxer Brief Underwear

He will laugh his head off with this funny yet romantic Hanes Heather Grey Boxer Brief Underwear printed by Customized Girl from Ohio, USA.

This boxer brief is the best-selling product of Hanes, the renowned maker of quality underwear and shirts in the world. The lingerie is fashionable with a flexible waistband, a functional fly, and a long-leg style.

Personalize these boxers briefs now! Own him by putting your name on it. The undie color is grey, with a print “Property of_____” for customization. It is a thoughtful present filled with fun and naughtiness on the side.

Brass Compass with Leather Case

We all know that a compass gives a precise location so anyone won’t get lost. This gift is functional for outdoor trips and hiking activities. A directionally challenged lover who is a travel-buff would want this romantic gift for boyfriend.

The 50mmx18mm Directional Magnetic Compass by Neovivid has an antique finish signifying love unfading beyond time. It hangs on a chain provided, with a brass key chain, and a leather case with a design of a nautical anchor stitched on it.

The reliable brass compass bears a familiar quote by Robert Browning, “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

Magnetic Energy Bracelets for Couple

This pair of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets for couples can help ease the pain because of tension, stress, insomnia, inflammation, sprains, headaches, colds, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, menstrual cramps, and other sports injuries.

It has health benefits that will aid in proper blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and provide relief from arthritis and muscular pain.

These Carbon Fiber Magnetic Energy bracelets by Fate Love are one of the many romantic gift ideas for a boyfriend that focuses on health care. It will be a sentimental couple item when he receives it while you are wearing the other one.

The manufacturer made it out of stainless steel that does not oxidize and tarnish even through constant usage. The men’s bracelet measures 7.08 inches, and the women’s is 6.29 inches. The manufacturer encased these couple bracelets in a velvet pouch or whatever you choose for a gift box.

Why wait to get sick? You can prevent it with the magnetic energy of these pieces of accessories for lovers, health is a primary concern, and love will never be the same.

20-pc. Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tools Set

The world’s finest chefs are men. You are one lucky lady if you found a cooking boyfriend because it is not every day that you meet men gifted with excellent cooking skills.

The 20-piece BBQ Grill Tools Set will add more spice to his cooking. Get licensed to grill your favorite meat, shuffle the veggies, skewer the fish, flip those kinds of seafood with this durable Stainless Steel Grilling Tool Set in Aluminum Carrying Case by POLIGO.

The portable BBQ grill accessories set comprises the following tools and utensils:

  • barbecue fork
  • meat knife
  • 4 in 1 BBQ spatula
  • BBQ grill tong
  • BBQ skewers (4)
  • basting brush (silicone)
  • brush head (replaceable)
  • cleaning brush
  • corn holders (8)
  • aluminum case for easy carriage and storage

Whether your special man is a chef wannabe or a grill master, this perfect BBQ Grill gift set is more than a practical gift but a romantic gift for boyfriend. It can help him use his skill and pursue his passion for grilling and cooking.

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Let him drink with style and allow him to pour his passion as he pours a shot of whiskey in a glass, inviting you as he says, “Scotch on the rocks?”

This 850-ml capacity Whiskey Globe Decanter Set by Kemstood is a perfect choice amongst romantic gift ideas for boyfriend who is a dignified alcohol drinker.

This glass decanter can hold one standard alcohol bottle content. The rounded decanter looks like a globe, with the world map etched on it and designed with an old sunken ship.

It is elegant looking, with its dark wood stand, perfect as a desk décor in the bar, office, or any part of your house. The product is hand-blown by fine artisans and is ready as a gift because they already contain it in a quality gift box.

It has a glass stopper that fits so you can store the liquor for a more extended period. It also comes with a funnel for accurate spill-free pouring.

This 10.9 x 10.2 x 6.7 inches Whiskey decanter is an essential piece to own if your man loves traveling, decorating, or enhancing his drinking experience.

Whiskey Glasses and Stones Gift Set

For lovers, drinking wine is a prelude to some intimate moments. Drink with style and don’t spoil the wine.

What these ice cubes can do, these stones can do better. Savor the real taste of chilled alcohol with this premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set by LEEBS.

The elegant wooden box (measuring 9.13 x 7.71 x 4.21 inches) comprises two (2) Whiskey Glasses (with a liquid capacity of 8.75oz. each) and eight (8) Granite Chilling Stones all packed in a velvet pouch, and one (1) metal tongs.

Put the Whiskey Stones in a freezer from 2 to 4 hours to get the maximum potential. You have enough chilling stones for you and your sweetheart or for some friends to enjoy better-tasting liquor (minus the real ice that dilutes and alters the original taste)

Seldom you will find a romantic gift for a boyfriend like this. It touches not only his love for alcohol but also his emotional side.

Men's Grooming Essential Set

Let your man ooze with sex appeal and be masculine the natural way. Your traveling man should always look neat and decent from head to toe.

The High Maintenance Men’s Grooming Essential Set by Chip’s High Maintenance repair and moisturize the hair of every type. It is a luxurious grooming kit for men that has the ingredients of Argan oil and Moroccan Textured Paste.

The toiletries include a Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, a Conditioner, a Texture Pomade, and Beard Oil all packed in a Toiletry Bag good for the men on the go. These grooming items included in the set are all romantic gift ideas for him that fit any occasion.

Reed Diffuser Scent Sticks Gift Set

If you are thinking of some romantic gift ideas for him, add a pleasant ambiance to his home. Make his bedroom more conducive for some romantic moments by adding fragrance to the surroundings.

The Reed Diffuser Scent Sticks by Urban Naturals release the scent of perfect aromatherapy. It refreshes your space to be more relaxing to the body, calming to the soul, and soothing to the spirit.

The product is user-friendly because it does not require much effort to enjoy the long-lasting scents of peach blossom, orange and light florals, red currants, sweet peaches, and real flower in each bottle.

It does not contain wax, so there’s nothing to burn. It does not even need a flame. Smoke-free, ash-free, and safe, you need to flip the reeds 1-2 times a week to enjoy a scented room for 3-4 months.

The whole set contains the essential oil in a glass bottle, real flower petals and fragrance reeds, packed in a beautiful box ready for gifting. It is best for your bedroom, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom, or just anywhere in your house.

The elegant-looking bottle is a perfect table art since its glass is transparent, allowing you to see the reeds in it, infused with oil and flower petals.

Men’s Luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe

When you are not around to wrap your arms around him, let this plush robe be your arms to wrap your man with warmth and comfort. Let him feel the softness of your embrace after a swim or a cold shower with this soft luxury spa robe.

This luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe by Texere (TexereSilk Innovation) has a design made of 70% Bamboo Viscose Fiber and 30% Terry Cotton. It is absorbent, soft, and classy that it will make a romantic gift for a boyfriend.

Aside from its belted closure (double loop), the robe has an emotional tie for added convenience, a hanging loop, and neat piping (on collars, pockets, and sleeves) for a more elegant look.  Experience the cutting edge of the bamboo viscose composition as to:

  • Antibacterial
  • Odor-resistant Odor-resistant
  • Breathable Breathable
  • Best absorption
  • Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
  • Ultra-softness Ultra-softness
  • Moisture-resistant Moisture-resistant
  • Biodegradable Biodegradable
  • Organic

This stylish bathrobe contains no dye or other chemicals in its production, preserving its bright white color. Its strong-knit fabric contributes to its cozy, elegant flair that will make any man adore you more.

Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book

Finding romantic gift ideas for him is challenging. The more it is when you are a fickle-minded type, and the budget is tight. Why not go back to the basic?

If flowers, stuffed dolls, and chocolates are for the ladies, what’s the male counterpart? A Memory Book for the best boyfriend ever is a romantic choice.

List down those memories and cherish the good times with the designed Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book by Unconditional Rosie.

This artful hardcover booklet measures a dimension of 8.6 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches, has many illustrated pages (8 x 8 inches each) of high-quality paper, and three (3) sheets of cute stickers for customization.

Sections of these pages are:

  • Our love in numbers
  • This is our love story
  • Special moments
  • Special songs
  • Magical places
  • Pictures of us
  • Nine things I love about you
  • Coupons to trade between one another
  • and many more

Fill out these beautiful pages with memorable photos, theme songs, love quotes, and poems as you document special moments of your one of a kind of relationship. This gift will serve as your keepsake before you say, “I do.”

Custom Gift Photo and a Poem

Draw him closer to you with these romantic gift ideas for boyfriend. How would he respond to this beautiful poem that exudes passion and grace?

Only You

When I feel the love I have for you

My heart fills with a joy

That touches the depths of my soul.

Your lips, your smile, your warm embrace

Your eyes and touch that melt my heart

I feel connected even when we’re apart.

Your feelings and fears

Your goals and dreams

I embrace it all as part of me.

My biggest desire is to make you happy

To make all your dreams come true.

My heart knows

We are two halves of one whole

Only you fill my soul.

These are the lines that appear with your chosen photo (4 x 6) in this Custom Poetry Gift by Heart To Heart Gifts. An “I Love You” label printed in gold is on its attractive package.

This stylish item is double-frame and has a silver-tone design for outlines to create a decorative accent. The front section has a clear glass cover while the back is velvet-covered. This product measures a dimension of 6.2 x 1.4 x 8.4 inches.

Surprise your loved one with this custom-made photo and poem frame and experience once again love and romance overload.

Fifty Shades Trilogy Books

If you are tired of looking for romantic gift ideas for him, think of giving pocketbooks like the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James. If your loved one is a fiction reader or sci-fi or historical fiction geek, a passionate read can be more romantic.

Destress and go beyond the realm. This trilogy is entertaining. We can only recommend the book to mature readers, though.

It will let your boyfriend discover the mysteries behind fetishism, sadism, and masochism in search of lust, and only to find out that love takes time. He can exchange naughty topics with you while feeling sexy without inhibition.

Fifty Shades trilogy set comprises: (in 1,625 pages)

  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Fifty Shades Darker
  • Fifty Shades Freed

The first book was the author’s first venture in writing, hitting it off the bookstands and becoming the best seller. Universal Pictures and Focus Pictures turned the books into a film. You can order the books in paperbacks or hardcover packaged beautifully as a gift.

Present these to your boyfriend and let him get in touch with his sensuality. For husbands who have forgotten to be sexy because of the pressures of life, give these as an anniversary or birthday gift to reignite the flame once again.

Men’s Pinstripe 3-Piece Suit

While it seems at first that formal wear would be an impossible present to give, have no worry and trust MAGE MALE because the process to purchase the Men’s Pinstripe 3-Piece Suit is effortless. It's one romantic gift for your boyfriend.

With a new MAGE MALE suit, your man can enjoy several functions and events wearing a fitting ensemble that harmonizes his professional or business environment with a lot of ease.

The Men’s Pinstripe 3-Piece Suit can complement accessories and apparel with the right balance, thus making him a standout in any formal party, wedding, or special occasions.

They made this Stylish Single-Breasted Party Blazer and Vest with a pair of pants set of 70% polyester 30% viscose, that is why it is soft, breathable, and most of all, comfortable to wear.

Slim fit is in with suits nowadays. It has a new flap pocket and styled with a button fly closure. The vest is a four-buttoned, with an adjustable black belt, and the classic trousers complemented the whole design.

Whether your man already has several suits in his wardrobe or a first-timer wearing it, MAGE MALE Men’s Pinstripe 3 Piece Suit (Slim Fit) will make an excellent gift. You need to order one size bigger for that perfect fit.

Men's Striped Briefs

G-string maximum skin exposure makes men feel sexier than wearing the usual brief or boxer. It is soft and lightweight. It feels as if you're not wearing anything at all.

Let his sensuality flow with some of these romantic gift ideas for boyfriend and see for yourself which one works best to let the fire burning.

Get the thrill with these Striped Briefs from ONEFIT.

It is tiny but plenty enough in the front to fit a man’s package. They make these with 20% spandex and 80% nylon.

Pamper him with minimal fabric with these low-waist, laced men’s thongs in vibrant colors from which you can choose. Save as much when you buy two or more.

ONEFIT brings that great fashion sense to your kind of man. Unlock the mystery and enjoy moments of seduction overload.

My Man Dog Tag Necklace

It's challenging to shop for a low-cost yet thoughtful gift for a man. You need to find the right balance of masculinity, functionality, and the thought you have in mind.

Other romantic gift ideas for boyfriend are simple manly necklaces like My Man Dog Tag by AZ Gifts with various love quotes imprinted on the tag. He can wear it on the neck or attach the label to a key chain.

The manufacturer handcrafted this piece of jewelry out of silver-plated stainless-steel with a break-proof glass coating. The military necklace measures 24 inches with a clasp while the Dog Tag measures 28.5mm x 51mm.

Let the man in your life wear this gift every day and always remind him of your tender loving care.

Men’s Wallet

It’s awkward seeing a bulging back pocket because of a big wallet you put in there. It’s about time to feel trendy and stylish, so go for TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet"RIO,” the minimalist wallet that is slim yet functional.

The mini bi-fold wallet has an embossed logo, thumb notch, blocking lining, money clip, and can hold 14 bills and cards without the bulky look. It measures a dimension of 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches, lightweight at only 2.11Oz so it will perfectly fit in the back pocket.

The manufacturer made it out of premium leather for combined elegance and convenience. They designed and crafted Travando wallets in Germany. The production pays more attention to details and the neatness of the work.

An oversized wallet is out; slim is in.

Men's Top 5 Cologne Impressions

Why settle for branded Men’s perfumes when they cost you a leg and an arm? People can be practical and economical with the same scent you get. Lovers can exchange cost-efficient gifts without ripping their wallets, yet remain romantic.

IMPRESSION fragrances by Quality Fragrance Oils smell close to designer brands but never close to its price. These are generic versions of the leading Men’s fragrances and not in any way associated with the Designer brands of colognes.

The Top 5 Cologne Impressions in a Sampler Gift Set of five (5) 10.35ml Roll-ons contains durable and long-lasting oil that stays throughout the day. It makes a romantic gift for boyfriend and husband alike.

The Promise Ring For Couple

They're not engagement rings nor wedding rings, but promise rings for couples. It has been a trend dating back to the 15th century.

So, this is not a thing just invented by over romantic couples. It symbolizes devotion for each other as they commit themselves to engagement and marriage.

Hold that pledge through these matching Promise Ring for Couples by LAVUMO. Imprinted on the rings is “Love You Forever” on both the inner sides. The symbol of a heart and the infinity sign are the standard designs for the promise rings.

The two (2) Stainless Steel Matching Rings (one is smaller than the other) are smooth-fit and comfortable to wear. They're safe and hypoallergenic, and resistant to scratches, corrosion, and tarnish. The rings won’t turn your fingers green. The engraved quotes and the design won’t ever rub off.

With a satisfaction guarantee of 90 days, why not present these rings packed in a gift box as a romantic gift for a boyfriend? You put his ring on his finger and let him put the other to yours.

Like a vow of love, these meaningful promise rings will last a lifetime.

3D Anniversary Card

When you can’t say it in person, and you don’t like to appear mushy, let a 3D Anniversary Card by SolarMatrix express that endless love to the man of your life.

They make the card out of decorative paper from wood pulp for the card body and an iridescent paper for its cover. When he opens the card, a beautiful cut-out of a dancing couple on a crescent-shaped moon boat pops out.

The concept of the card is “A Dance on Moon Boat to the Edge of the World,” inspired by Frank Sinatra’s romantic hit, “Fly Me To The Moon.”  The blend of colors orange, red and yellow, blue and white, made a scene of romance to behold.

Custom 2D/3D Holographic Photo

Crystallize a photograph for that unique and artistic look. If you want to treasure an unforgettable moment, preserve a photo by encasing it in a glass of beautiful optic crystal. The artwork looks good on both your pictures, too.

Crystalized plaques are also some products endorsed along this line. We now use this laser and software technology in manufacturing trophies or tokens of appreciation or recognition.

For gift-giving as a romantic gift for boyfriend, you only have to submit by uploading a photo to work on the magic. Personalize it by etching some letterings or love quotes, and A & B Crystal Collections will take care of the rest.

Included in the design is a light base of plastic composition, where you need three (3) batteries.  (AAA batteries not included)

Your picture will appear in high resolution, untouched, and long-lasting through the passing time. They will deliver it in a high-quality gift box, all set for a present.

Beard Wood Comb

Beards convey dominance. Growing a beard boosts one’s stance, intimidating rival men to stand aside. When several single men would compete for a few numbers of women, mustaches and beards became more of a fashion sense.

Aren’t you pleased to have a man with a cutting edge? If you are looking for some romantic gift ideas for him, go with his style, and let the beard grow.

The handmade 4.3 x 1.2-inch wooden Beard Comb for men by Enjoy The Wood can be a romantic and functional gift. It’s compact, anti-static, lightweight with a bi-fold feature that makes it fit in back pockets of pants.

You can use the comb on mustaches, beards, and hair. The wood used in the comb was smooth without splinters, and the etched artwork design was just lovely. It absorbs the beard balm and smells great!

Help him groom in style. If you go for his passion, growing a beard in his life, that’s romantic.

Men's Bath Bomb Gift Set

A refreshing bath soothes and relaxes the soul and the body. If you mix it with aromatherapy, it will be more satisfactory. Men’s Bath Bomb Gift Set of 12 by Crate Bombs makes a romantic gift for boyfriend.

The natural smell of these soaps feels like home from those old familiar places. The subtle scent it leaves on the skin is even enticing to your partner.

Its formula comprised essential oils that moisturize dry and sensitive skin. It leaves no residue but a smooth feel and delicate comfort on the skin.

The gift set includes 12 aromatherapy fizzes in an 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.2-inch box. Relax and meditate with the natural smell of:

  • Frankincense
  • Cedarwood Cedarwood
  • Juniper Berry
  • Cyprus
  • Lemongrass Lemongrass
  • Camphor Camphor
  • Tea Tree
  • Clove Bud
  • Spearmint Spearmint
  • Nutmeg Nutmeg
  • Oregano Oregano
  • Sage

What a way to relax! Every use is a luxurious bath. Your boyfriend will find it hard to leave the tub.

Inspirational Gift Pen

If jewelry appears to be monotonous, a pen is a meaningful gift idea for it symbolizes intellect.

A pen gift to a corporate man gives recognition. If the recipient is an academician, a pen gift means respect. And for him being your lover, it’s a romantic gift for boyfriend.

A luxury pen like this Serenity Prayer by Inkstone is very motivational for the lines engraved on its entirety reads, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

This inspirational pen is a collector’s item that fits within the standards of Parker like a G2-type ink refill. It weighs 46 grams and measures 5.6 inches. Its box has a satin-line design suitable for gift-giving.

There are various reasons for giving luxurious pens: for a boyfriend or a husband, love, care, and respect.

Metal Vintage Cigarettes Ashtray

A stylish vintage-looking windproof ashtray by Honoro is a romantic gift for your boyfriend who enjoys smoking. It lights up any room interior with its quaint embossed antique-looking pattern.

It measures 4.1 by 4.1 x 5.1 inches, made of Zinc Alloy, enough to hold two packets of cigarette butts.  Its color is bronze, and it has a hand-stamped European Castle and Rose pattern on its body.

The ashtray is very convenient to use. You need to push it down, and its lid will prevent the ash from getting blown by the wind, even the smoke will stop from circulating in the air.

It is durable and everlasting, shockproof, and anti-oxidant. An eye-catching piece as a dĂ©cor, no wonder it’s a wise buy with just a few dollars spent. It's one of the creative and romantic gift ideas for boyfriend.

Shave Set In Silver for Men

A well-shaved man looks decent and neat to the sight. Let your man shave like a prince with this silver-plated 4-Piece Shave Set for Men by Harry D Koenig & Co. and let his sex appeal ooze right before your eyes.

The complete set includes shaving soap, sturdy stand, bowl, razor, and a soft bristle brush. Its thick brush alone is worth the entire purchase. The soft bristle can make a good lather for a much more enjoyable shaving.

This stylish shaving set will look good in any bathroom.  Your man can now get that perfect shave with this Shaver Set that's fit for a king.

Cigar Case with Lighter and Cutter

If your man is a cigar lover, a thoughtful present for any occasion could be a Cigar Case with a Lighter and Cutter.

The case is of high-grade leather with an outer pocket for the Stainless Steel lighter and cutter. It can hold three cigars, just enough for one occasion.

When the mood strikes, let him enjoy a smooth smoke and be stylish wherever he goes. This cigar case is an excellent present for a boyfriend or husband who is a cigar aficionado.

Electric Wine Opener

If you find repetitive gifts annoying, go back to the basics, and use your imagination. A rechargeable wine opener is the right choice for some romantic gift ideas for him.

Create a conducive atmosphere, a candlelit dinner indoor or outdoor with a bottle of wine to share. Hand your partner this gift before opening the wine. See how bottle-opening could be so easy and quick.  In just 7 seconds, that amazement could be just romantic for that moment.

Sold by KAN Trade Company, the Uncle Viner G105 Electric Wine Opener by Uncle Viner comes with a Charger, Rechargeable Batteries, and Foil Cutter. When charged, the tool can uncork 70-80 wine bottles.

Men’s Powder and Lotion Set

The groin area is just as sensitive as the private parts. So, maintain proper hygiene to keep them fresh and healthy. How sweet for a girlfriend to think of giving these romantic gifts ideas for boyfriend!

This Hygiene Gift Set by No Sweat Mens comprises one (1) 6-ounce Anti-Monkey Butt Powder and one (1) 3.4 ounce Fresh Balls Lotion. These products are friction fighters and sweat absorbers that protect man area from dryness, stickiness, prickly heat and chafing that cause itchiness and irritation.

The Fresh Balls Lotion is easy to apply. It won’t form clumps on the skin and won’t leave a residue, unlike the powder counterpart. They have proven that Fresh Balls composition is all-natural, no talc, no paraben, not even aluminum contents. It only has Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil that have medicinal properties against bacteria and irritation.

The Anti-monkey Butt Powder has the same formulation plus Calamine and talcum. Some men don’t like the greasy feel, so the powder form works better for them.

For hyperactive men and sports enthusiasts, they can also use the butt powder on foot, footwear, and sports pads.


The essence of gift-giving depends on the thought it conveys. Use your creative instinct when you think of a romantic gift for your boyfriend. Gifts do not express appreciation; it’s the people who do. When people can’t show love, neither can their gifts.

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