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42 Best Unique Piggy Banks to Buy in 2019

Looking for something special to give as a gift?
Or maybe a new toy for your children?

Why not give them something that's useful but also fun to keep?

What else other than piggy banks! Everybody knows what it is, and everyone loves them. 

Today, we'll cover the 42 most unique coin banks you can buy and send as gifts. Ready? Let's dig in..

1. Automatic Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

How would you like to own a talking cat that suddenly pops out of the box, stealing your coin? She sleeps in that box all the time. She will just wake up when she hears a coin drop. She will steal your coin in a snap of a finger.

But don't worry! This cute cat won't spend your money anyway. She has nowhere to go but she enjoys being a table art or room decoration. You'll be amazed that in just a few cat naps your bank is filling up. When Kitty's coins reached 43, she is ready to give those coins back to you.

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automatic stealing coin cat piggy bank

2. Owl Coin Bank

We always think that piggy banks are mostly made of porcelain or ceramic. Yes! because it serves a dual purpose, for saving and also for decoration. How is it having this Owl-Shaped Metal Coin Bank by Tooart?

This handcrafted, metal sculpture, mesh design piece perfectly fits as table art especially when you store new coin pieces. Practical, right? and non-toxic as well because it is finished with environmental paint. Grab one today while stocks last.

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Owl Piggy Bank

3. Coca-Cola Bottle Bank

Life lessons aren’t often acquired from the schools. At an early stage, parents teach their kids to save a little in excess. Small piggy banks can house only some few coins.

When kids grow up, they might prefer a bigger coin bank. This is why this 22 inches Large Bottle Bank by Coca-Cola is recommended for the enthusiastic adolescent saver.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Coca-Cola Bottle Bank

4. Globe - Going around the world while saving money

Don't forget to mention World Peace when you see a shooting star! It's not often seen though, but right here you can always imagine a world at peace. Drop your coins here as if you send aids to any country in the world. Have that wishful thinking and maybe in the future, you can act when you can.

Learn geography and have fun with this Hemispheres Save the World Coin Bank by Waypoint Geographic. The actual size is 5.6" Wide x 7.25" High. It's an educational toy and a table art in one. Include the world in your bucket list now.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Globe piggy banks

5. Thief-safe Password Piggy Banks

Are you still thinking of a perfect unisex gift to suit any occasion? This Cartoon Password Piggy Bank/Cash Coin Can by APUPPY is also an Electronic Money Bank, a Safe to keep your kid stuff like play money, Baseball cards, and toy jewelry. It is password protected but you don't have to worry in case you forgot it. Simply remove the battery and it resets to its default password which is 0000. You may key in your desired combination over and over. I may say that this is not just for saving purposes but is a bright idea for decoration too, aside from it's basically an educational toy. Don't you think it's amusing to give a present like this?

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Piggy bank with password

6. The Mythical Unicorn

Kids can be creative when they own this Beriwinkle Ceramic Unicorn Piggy Bank. Let them imagine that when they fill this bank with coins the unicorn will fly them to fantasy land. This figurine is glossy in appearance because it is made of high-quality ceramic. It comes in Blush or Gold, surely a perfect gift for the wishful boys and girls.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Unicorn shaped coin bank

7. Your Childhood Hero Mickey Mouse Ceramic Piggy Bank

Hey kids! Fancy a trip to Disneyland? But for the moment, save a portion of your allowance into this Disney Mickey Mouse Ceramic Coin Bank by FAB Starpoint. The real Mickey will be waiting for you if you fill this up first. Parents play a vital role in motivating their children. Support their dreams and let them live to those expectations that a trip to Disneyland is worth the wait if they start saving for it now.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Mickey Mouse piggy coun bank

8. Elephant Piggy Bank

If your child is familiar with the story of "Dumbo", he will appreciate this grey and glazed ceramic polka-dotted Elephant Piggy Bank by Child to Cherish. Finely hand-painted for a more natural touch, this figurine measures 7 x 5 inches, just good enough to fit in any nursery room. It's a toy to enjoy, a decor as well, and best of all, a bundle of joy for little kids to learn values from.

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personalized piggy banks

9. Pineapple Coin Bank

Chinese believe that a pineapple ceramic figurine is a symbol of prosperity. Invite more positive vibes and warm atmosphere when you save your treasured coins in this golden pineapple piggy bank. Since its length is 3.5 inches with a height of 4.7 inches and width of 3.5 inches, this pineapple savings bank can stand alone as a decorative table art as well. It comes in white or in gold, so you may choose your lucky color now just in time for the coming holidays.

Check the price on Amazon.com
coin bank for adults

10. The Perfect Gift for Spirited Away Fans

Try placing a coin in its bowl and get amazed that this No-face Man piggy bank will sing automatically as it swallows your coin in an instant. Like what a toy can be, children will enjoy hearing its eating sound, hiccups, and burps like a well-fed man. For sure, kids will always want to feed it with coins over and over again. This innovative idea is a product of VOROSY.

Check the price on Amazon.com
large ceramic piggy bank

11. Castle Piggy Bank

Dream big and teach your girls to save as early as now for a trip to the land of fairy tales and make-believe. Store those precious coins in this glazed pink ceramic Princess Castle Piggy Bank designed specifically for young girls. This glitter-topped classic creation by Child to Cherish measures an overall size of 9.75 x 6.75 x 3.5 inches. This is sure to be a fanciful present for your little princess this holiday season.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Castle Coin Bank

12. Husky Dog Coin Bank

Animal lovers, rejoice! Don't you want a replica of your dog? The Husky Coin Bank by DomeStar is a sure hit to children who have soft spots for pets. Train children how to tame puppies imagining this cute dog bank as real. Pamper it, caress it and feed this dog of coins. Kiddies can play along with this 8"x 8"x 3"-sized toy because it is lightweight and yet sturdy. This product is made of high-quality soft plastic with rotatable head and tail, a hanging dog tag and removable dog collar for added fun.
Check the price on Amazon.com
piggy bank money box

13. "Frozen" Your Coins

Looking at this Frozen Elsa Coin Bank by Peachtree Playthings will let me sing "Let It Go" to the top of my lungs. How much more can a child do? Gift your little princess with another princess like this elegant-looking Elsa coin bank. It decorates a girls room while kids will fill the air with humming and chanting. Hear it for yourself how your little princess will sing the song everytime she drops a coin at Elsa's.
Check the price on Amazon.com
frozen elsa coin bank

14. "I am your father"

Shaped like Darth Vader's helmet, this Star Wars Darth Vader Coin Bank by FAB Starpoint could be the best gift for your active boys. The sculpted ceramic piggy bank can fit into any boy's room like a classic collector's item. Motivate kids to save in this bank for future spending. Keeping a portion of their allowance is saving for more Star Wars collectibles.
Check the price on Amazon.com
star wars darth vader

15. Baseball Piggy Bank

How about buying your son this baseball-shaped piggy bank if he promised to be a good boy? This hand-painted ceramic ball measures 5" x 5" in diameter, an eye-catching décor in a boy's room, and is considered to be another edition to your kid's Sports Champ Collection. Hurry! this item sells like hotcakes. Shop online now and avoid the rush. Reorder at once before stocks run out.
Check the price on Amazon.com
coin bank baseball

16. Educational Piggy Bank Perfect for Your Kids

Discuss with your kids the value of saving and they will learn to master their personal finances in the future. Start by giving a smart Trio Piggy Bank. This 3-in-1 educational piggy bank will help them to be money-wise, economical and charitable in some way. Kids will get to know the basic concept of money from a Help Guide included in every purchase. This toy bank appeals to children ages 4 and above. It is a friendly-user hand-assembled box with a magnetic closure that is not easy to find. Children can easily access each of the three boxes to keep track of financial balances as to spending, sharing and saving.
Check the price on Amazon.com
trio bank for kids

17. What Basketball Lovers Want

How about watching an NBA game live? But before that, you need to save to buy the ticket. Get inspired to save as much in this Basketball Coin Bank by FORLONG. This ceramic coin bank measures 6.5 inches in diameter and is just perfect for the sports-minded teenagers and kids alike. It comes in Soccer, Golf and Football designs to complete your collection. Suggestions are welcome. Place your order now and avoid the holiday rush.
Check the price on Amazon.com
NBA basketball piggy bank

18. Gold Piggy Bank

For positive energy and good luck, this Golden Cute Piggy Money Coin Bank by ClearUmm can decorate any interior in the house. It is gold plated with hand-painted designs, made of fine ceramic, and measures about 13x12x11 centimeters. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Order your piggy bank today and for sure you will reorder to send off good fortune to your friends and relatives. After all, it's not just a toy!
Check the price on Amazon.com
Chinese coin bank

19. Peppa Pig Ready to Store Your Coins

Surprise the little ones with good tidings! Peppa Pig money Bank is the perfect present this Christmas. Peppa Pig along with her family and friends became a household name for toddlers and tots. As shown on a TV Show, Nick Jr., the cartoon character easily touches the heart of every child. Everywhere there are Peppa Pig merchandise sold, so why not think of gifting a Peppa penny bank?

Check the price on Amazon.com
peppa pig

20. The Perfect Gift for All Pirates

For Baby Shower gift ideas, Christening giveaways, and practically the best gift for all seasons, this personalized Kids Treasure Box for boys will stand out among the rest. The product is made from solid wood, accentuated with some metal, and stained to achieve a distressed look. A child's name can be engraved while some wordings can also be customized. Order ahead to accommodate your requests. The first-come-first-serve basis applies.
Check the price on Amazon.com
pirates ideas

21. The Loyal Shiba Inu

Avoid the rush! Shop online in this season of giving. The Shiba Inu by DomeStar is a toy and a penny coin bank in one. Children can play its tail and head because they can be rotated. The dog collar is detachable while a dog tag hangs along. Dog-lover kids will surely adore this puppy bank hugging and patting it like a real one. Take selfies with it and post them on social media. Your viewers might think it's a real puppy.
Check the price on Amazon.com
shiba inu coin bank

22. Bull Terrier to Keep Your Coins Safe

Adding up to children's puppy piggy bank collection is this Bull Terrier Coin Bank by DomeStar. Kids will learn the value of saving for more when they have a collection. Chances are, they will feed each one with a coin or two. Don't get annoyed when they ask a penny from you all the time. You also save the same way.
Check the price on Amazon.com
kiddy bank

23. Funny Farting Piggy Bank

Throw a Christmas party and set a fun atmosphere. Gather your guests not around the Christmas tree but around this Fanny Farting Bank by BigMouth Inc. Drop a coin in the butt slot and hear how it farts. Believe me, this gag gift will be the life of your party. Your guests will keep on dropping coins to hear how it farts.

Check the price on Amazon.com
piggy bank design

24. Adventure Wooden Bank

Teach children how to save for their next getaway trip through this novelty gift from you. Of course, kids savings are not enough to defray the expenses. What counts most is how little ones get motivated to start keeping some money. The Adventure Wooden Bank by Foreside Home and Garden measures 6 x 6, with printed design on its screen, and a delicate glass front. What are you waiting for? Book the next trip and start raising funds.

Check the price on Amazon.com
wooden piggy bank

25. Keep Your Coins Safe WHALE You Are Busy with Life

If you are planning for a cruise, chances are, you might encounter whales, dolphins, and sharks on the surface of the water. It will thrill your toddlers for sure. But, before anything else, teach your girls to save in this pink ceramic Whale Piggy Bank by Child to Cherish. This item will make a fine desk/table art decor too. It measures up about 6.75 x 4 x 3.5 inches and is made of high-quality ceramic dolomite. It's a classic keepsake to last forever.

Check the price on Amazon.com
big coin bank

26. Lucky Cat Piggy Bank

If you see a cat waving its paws on you, you're up for some fortune. Do you believe that? Well, it won't harm you if you do, just wait for the good luck coming your way. I have good experiences with Asian beliefs, this is why I am sharing this to you. This cute personalized lucky cat coin bank may bring positive energy to your child's room. Try and see it for yourself. The Maneki-neko coin bank is a product of ElecNova. It is environmental-friendly with an overall size of 4.2"x 4.2"x 5.9". This is so cute in its baby pink color, is made of green resin, the design of which is proudly hand-made. It will surely make an ideal decor in your little girl's room.

Check the price on Amazon.com
cool coin banks

27. Oh Deer!

If your kid is looking for a red-nosed reindeer, you might be lucky if you catch a glimpse of it on Christmas Eve. Why not try giving this pinkish Deer Coin Bank by H&W? It's a deer for all seasons! After all, a deer signifies virtues based on myths and legends. It symbolizes power, intuition sensitivity, and gentleness. The Deer Coin Bank is not just for saving money, it's a shatter-resistant toy, candy jar, and a table art décor all the same. Its size is 6 x 4 x 7.5 in inches or 15.4 x 10 x 19.3 in centimeters. It's far-fetched artistry and really imaginative in its make that every child will surely treasure.

Check the price on Amazon.com
Christmas piggy bank

28. Cats are loyal, aren't they?

Even if you have a kitty collection or a real cat colony in your house, kids would just love cats. Add this one to your roster of novelty cat items, or if you are still thinking of presents that will suit all ages, you may think of this stainless Cat Coin Box by Tooart. This fancifully-shaped cat in blue color is exquisitely crafted by hand so it's a product of delicate craftsmanship. It's not just a penny bank but a fine desk ornament as well.

Check the price on Amazon.com
cat piggy bank

29. How about a puppy coin bank?

Aren't you a dog-lover just like anyone kid I know? If you think a real puppy costs too much to give away, try giving this handcrafted artwork by Tooart. The Money Bank Puppy is a perfect gift idea that appeals to all ages. When used as a decoration, you may want to drop new and polished coins in it. Don't worry, this is so durable and intended to store your coins up to the top. The paint does not even peel off or fade easily. It's a wise buy!

Check the price on Amazon.com
piggy bank safe

30. Elephants aren't Cute? Wait till You See a Polka Dot Elephant

Does piggy bank need to be in the shape of a pig? For kids, yes! But for adults, a piggy bank is simply a name of a penny or coin bank. So if you will give some presents to kids, make it exactly just what the word says, a piggy bank, This glazed ceramic white and grey polka-dot Piggy Bank by Child to Cherish is a bright idea to give this holiday season. It measures about 8 x 7 inches, good enough to decorate one's room.

Check the price on Amazon.com
polka dot pig coin bank

31. Long-haired Girl Piggy Bank

Get ready to play with this cute and fashionable long-haired Girl Piggy bank. While you teach your kids the value of saving for the rainy days, they can also play with it from sunny to rainy days. Little girls will always love dolls. It's a dual purpose! a doll and a saving bank in one. Come to think of it. You can even select from a variety of cartoon characters and designs. It's a perfect holiday gift to receive this Christmas.

Check the price on Amazon.com
baby girl piggy bank

32. The Classic Piggy Bank

Nothing beats the classics! This non-tarnish metal coin bank is a piggy bank in every sense of the word. It is brushed pewter finish so it is forever shiny. It's nice to see it standing in a boy's room because its color is very manly. This Classic Piggy Bank by Creative Gifts measures 4.25" tall, 4" wide and 5" long. It comes in a dark blue box for gifting purposes. If you order now, it will surely arrive before Christmas. So hurry now and shop away!
Check the price on Amazon.com
classic piggy bank

33. Santa is Ready to Help

I never knew Santa Claus to be stealing coins from a kid. He actually loves kids especially the good ones. Children will always regard Santa as a cheerful giver. But why does he steals from this box? Hey kid! he will just keep your money so you won't think of spending it. Anyway, he has a big belly and he could not store a whole lot. He will give this back to you. This Santa Money Box by Mansalee is made of high-quality ABS plastic, is electronically-powered, and measures a size of 3.74" x 4.52" x 3.54". Don't you think it's a very timely gift for Christmas?
Check the price on Amazon.com
Santa Claus coin bank for kids

34. Giraffe Piggy Bank

If you are on a look-out for Baby Shower gifts or items for giveaways for Christening, a practical Birthday present, or just basically a gift idea for any time of the year, this yellowish ceramic Giraffe Piggy Bank by Precious Moments is indeed a fine solution. This fanciful baby giraffe signifies gentleness and mildness by just the look of it. It stands 6 inches, tall enough for kids to think that money grows in a tall pile just like the giraffe's neck. It will give a nursery room a different kind of glow.
Check the price on Amazon.com
giraffe piggy bank

35. "I Choose You!" Pokemon Pokeball Piggy Bank

Your forever search for pokemon is over! Remember when that computer game became a hit. Everyone, kids and adults alike went gaga searching pokemon wherever. A saving bank like Pokemon Pokeball Kids Coin Bank will remind you of the trending game everyone went crazy about. It comes in a glazed ceramic figurine of white and red colors.
Check the price on Amazon.com
coin bank for pokemon pokeball

36. Crayon Piggy Banks

Hey Kiddos! I guess you need a big coloring book for this. But firstly, you need to save funds to buy those books, don't you think so? The Crayon Piggy Banks by Fun Toys come in a pack of 4, each one measuring 6 inches tall. These giant toy crayons come in assorted colors. Pile up your coins now because surely kids will receive these by Christmas.
Check the price on Amazon.com
buy piggy bank for kids

37. Flamingo Coin Bank

This is such an ingenious creation! Parents would even prefer this flamingo coin bank as a means of decor. If you are creative enough you can decorate a cake with it for your little princess' birthday. You may not store a lot of coins though, but what matters most is the thought that a child can save.

Check the price on Amazon.com
clay piggy bank

38. Cute Panda Ready to Keep Your Bamboos.. Oops, I Mean Coins

Children barely see a Panda in the zoo but if they travel to Japan they will see lots of them for real. For the meantime, teach kids the value of saving through this cute Panda Piggy Bank/CoinsTank by PANDA SUPERSTORE. It widens a child's imagination by just looking at this toy. It has a dimension of 20 x 13 x 19 centimeters or 7.9 x 5.1 x 7.5 inches which is enough to house bulks of coins for that much awaited expo in Japan.
Check the price on Amazon.com
panda coin piggy bank

39. No Face Man Automatic Money to Eat Coin Machine Piggy Bank

Another one of a kind creation by Ziv. This No Face Man coin machine will never feel full at all. It sings while it is always hungry for your money. It swallows your coin once you put it in its plate. It has eating, hiccups, and burping sound effects. A sure delight at every party!
Check the price on Amazon.com
no face man

40. Creative Gifts,With a Scarf Piggy Bank

Motivate your girl to save at an early age and she will grow up knowing the concept of money. This Money Box for girls is made of non-toxic high-grade plastic that is odorless and free from all impurities. It measures about 5.51 x 4.53 x 8.85 inches which is just exact to house a thousand coins. It comes with a 30-day warranty with no question asked.
Check the price on Amazon.com
animal piggy banks

41. "I Am Groot" - Groot Coin Bank

Turn your boy's self money-saving habit into a cool and fun experience with Groot himself. It is officially licensed and a perfect addition to your collection. Anything from Marvel is worth the price. Place your order now before the stocks run out.

Check the price on Amazon.com
groot piggy coin bank

42. The Perfect Piggy Bank for Girls

Cute and small yet big in benefits. Hello girls! Isn't this the one you're looking for? Ask Dad and Mom for this Piggy Bank by super Island for Christmas. Promise to be a good girl and start it by saving from your allowance. Small tots at an early age can do the same. The coin holder measures 4.72 x 4.72 x 5.31 in inches or 12 x 12 x 13.5 in centimeters, made of fine silica gel so it won't ever break. This novelty item is making waves in online shopping now. Grab one today and reorder for more.
Check the price on Amazon.com
cute piggy bank

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