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30 Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas


Express your feelings through your choice of gifts. If you can't say it in words, say it in gifts. There's an array of long distance relationship gift ideas offered online, choose what strikes you the most. Make sure that your gift could match your recipient's personality. Remember, nothing is cheap or pricey when the thought of giving matters the most.

What are the best gifts for long distance boyfriend?

1. Men’s Brass Leather Cuff

Among the best long distance relationship gifts is this customizable Men’s Brass Leather Cuff with an inspirational quote for relationship across the miles.

This unique coordinates cuff bracelet features the latitude and longitude spot at the Geographic Coordinate System. If you are clueless about it, you can read from this link.

Find the longitude/latitude coordinates from the mentioned link and don’t forget to submit the chosen spot upon checking out. This can be any place where both of you built those fantastic memories. It can be where he proposed to you, first meeting venue, vacation places you were with him.

The quote’s fonts are laser-engraved in two lines on a piece of sheet metal (stainless steel, brass, or copper) that will make it appear as silver, gold or rose gold. The edges are sanded and filed with a shiny polish.

It comes with a 7.5" cuff’s length, of about 1/2 inch in width and can extend to 2.5” since this is adjustable. The handcrafted cuff is lightweight, made of genuine leather (brown or black), and very comfortable to wear because it fits any size of wrist.

2. State Sterling Silver Necklace

How would you like to send unusual gifts for long distance boyfriend? If you were miles away, living in between States or Coast to Coast may be, the State Sterling Silver Necklace is a bright idea.

They make the bright-finish pendant from a sheet of fine sterling silver, personalized, cut in the shape of the State where your boyfriend is, whether he works or lives there. It has an Italian chain and presented in a box.

It is perfect for his neck and won’t even cost you an arm and a leg!

3. Day Motivation "You Are Special To Me"

Be romantic and feel inspired every time you see these motivational quotes on your office desk, at home as décor, or right there in your wallet -  that thing you won’t likely miss carrying.

The complete set includes 9-piece love notes with a wooden stand wherein a love sign is laser-engraved and a motivational insert card made of steel for your wallet.

The product is one of the long-distance gifts that can create a significant impact on a relationship. It comes in a gift box that will surprise your lucky recipient.

4. Guitar Pick Keychain and Necklace Set

Does he love music? Who wouldn’t be? Perhaps he is even more inclined to play the guitar. Why not send a set of hand stamped guitar pick keychain and necklace?

This Stainless Steel Sterling Silver set of picks comes with a key chain and a snake chain that measures 16", 18" or 20" length for the necklace.

The pick is precisely cut for guitar-playing. It has a stamped date on the left and a marking “I pick you” on its right.

The small heart punched within the pick serves as the pendant for the chain. It has stamped initials of your names and heart design in the middle.

The best gift for boyfriend long distance!

5. Personalized Relationship Comic

Although distance gifts like this need some waiting time and effort for the requirements, it is gratifying in the end. The product will serve as a visual keepsake to document your story in a comic book.

You need to submit the story of your love, preferably with as many photos as you can after you buy a comic book. The artist might consume 10 days in preparing the draft to be sent for your approval. Another 10 days to finalize it soon as you give the “go” signal.

The customized comic book can be delivered earlier, but with a “rush fee.” It measures the length of 18", a width of 12" and a height of 1.50". You can choose the material between paper or canvas in colors you want.

Your comic book will be hand-drawn by a pencil, digitized on a tablet, and printed afterward. This thoughtful surprise is unique and is worth the entire wait.

6. Edison Bulb Lamp

For a boyfriend in the prime of his age who is in a distant relationship with you, this thoughtful present can speak for itself. The antique-like 38-centimeter Edison Bulb

Lamp or Table lamp “Susurrus” bears a farmhouse design suitable for an incandescent light bulb.

The lamp is airbrushed lacquer-finish in grey color and is made of cast iron in copper and bronze. It can be switched on from the wire of which you can request for a longer one. For safety measures, the bulb is not included in the package.

The product’s name originates from the great American inventor of the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison. The model name “susurrus” was drawn from the meaning itself, a whispering, rustling sound. Isn’t it this lamp is much larger than light?

7. 3-Piece Gift Set, American Trail

The power of scents and fragrances is so enticing. A report has it that 80% of men do not wear perfume, so don’t let your boyfriend be left-out in a crowd just because of that reason.

Shower your man with a masculine fragrance that can match his age and looks.  The Realtree 3-Piece Fragrance Gift Set American Trail is perfect for active men, athletes, and those always on the go.

The complete set offers a long-lasting Eau De Toilette in 3.4oz spray, 3-in-1 Shampoo /Conditioner/Body Wash, and a Toiletry Bag. Go for the basic with these classic long distance relationship gift ideas

Let your boyfriend have that sense and scents of manliness. After all, wearing perfume is how people do remember you. Create an impression.

8. Personalized Coordinate Bracelet Gift

If you’re on a lookout for unique gifts for long distance boyfriend, personalize it. There are sweet messages you are shy to tell upfront, say it in print.

IF’s handcrafted Coordinate Bracelet Gift comes in real metal in a genuine leather band. It measures 36 inches in length, which is enough to adjust to fit any size. It wraps around the wrist 3 or 4 times.

You can specify in the “notes to seller “ how you want it customized as to color (of the leather, wire, and beads) preferred metal (brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, nickel) and prints whether a quote or Coordinates degree symbols.

It’s cost-saving and effort-free because every package will arrive at you in a crafted, ribbon-tied jewelry box.

What are the ideal long-distance gifts for a girlfriend?

1. Teddy Bears

Nothing is wrong with the old routine of gifting chocolates, cards, and roses, but they’re all stereotyped long distance relationship gift ideas. Think of something you can express your emotions, and your girlfriend can relate.

Hollabear’s Teddy Bears are cute, soft and cuddly and very inviting to curl up with when your dear one is on the bed. You may choose the marking on Teddy’s shirt.

Some are funny expressions or just sweet nothings.

The stuffed animal exuding affection and warmth will remind her of you. It will sure get lots of kisses and giant hugs from her as if it were you.

The thought of sending a Hollabear to your girlfriend across the miles conveys an emotion that marks forever.

2. Long Stem 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose

Why gold-dipped roses as long distance gifts? Just as a rose flower, long-stemmed and beautiful, is a valuable gesture of expressing sincerest emotions.

Preserving longer its allure signifies deep, long-lasting feelings, hence gifting gold-dipped roses - love being permanent.

Sinvitron Gold Dipped Rose comes in a long stem 24k gold-dipped natural flower that will last forever. It is in its best form when delivered.

The package contains the gold-dipped rose with a stand, packed in an attractive gift box to further enhance the quality of gift-giving.

3. Compass Necklace

Giving a compass necklace has a symbolic meaning. It’s for the challenged people in search of the center point to determine its directional path relatable to keeping real life’s extraordinary.

Some long distance presents can create something more beneficial and beautiful with the KEDRIAN Compass Necklace in solid 925 Sterling Silver with three layers of 14k white gold plating (nickel-free). It measures a dimension of 0.5 a 0.5 x18 (in inches) with a 2-inch extender.

Your gift comes in a cute gift box that conveys distance doesn’t matter when your love is vast. Your closest woman can wear the jewelry for that unique fashion statement that others have not tried.

4. Metropolitan Gourmet Thinking of You Gift Basket

The Metropolitan Gourmet Gift Basket by GiftTree conveys a “Thinking of You” message and a lot of assorted sweets and nutty goodies.

Let your dear one munch on a bunch of healthy snacks with Virginia Cocktail Peanuts, Olive Oil Sea Salt Crostini, Island Mix and Cinnamon Almonds.

Get her energized with the goodness of Lindt Dark Chocolate Orange Bar, Weinrich 70% Dark Chocolate Bar and Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Caramel Squares

For her sweet tooth, these Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn, Old Fashioned Lemon Drops, Cherry Sours, and Peach Gummy Rings will make a cycle. Dessert.

Imagine your woman each time with these long-distance gifts, and she will think of you in every bite.

5. Message in a Bottle Gift

Personalize a vintage keepsake for a distant loved one with this stunning 12-inch tall surprise gift. Write your letter, seal in that romance, and send it to her.

It has a laser-etched “I Love You” message engraved on its glass bottle. An aged parchment paper with graphic design is rolled inside together with some Rose petals.

The “Message in a Bottle” is one of the best long distance relationship gifts ideas proudly made by Invitation in a Bottle. It comes in a beautiful gift box that will surely create a lasting impression.

6. Heart of Ocean Pendant with Swarovski Crystals

Give an endearing heart for your long-missed sweetheart enduring the distance in between.

The Heart of Ocean Pendant Necklace for Women by NEWNOVE has real Swarovski Crystals, and the creator made it with pure Sterling Silver. The pendant is 0.9" high and 0.96" wide, with an 18"  chain length plus 2 inches more for adjustment.

The heart-shaped image of the pendant is wrapped in a wing imprinted the message “I will always be there to protect you. I love you forever.” It is beautifully presented in a gift box,  ready to be delivered to her doorstep.

Present this finely-crafted jewelry that symbolizes love transcending distance, indeed one of the perfect long distance presents.

7. 6-Piece Classics Gift Set in Giftable Tin

Send your love pampering her with this head-to-toe skin care products, Burt’s Bees Classics 6-piece Nail, Hand and Foot Care Gift Set.

The set consists of Hand Salve moisturizer, lemon-butter Cuticle Cream, original beeswax peppermint Lip Balm with Vitamin E, Coconut Foot Cream, herbal Res-Q Ointment, and shea-butter Hand Repair Cream.

Soothe and repair cracked skin with these moisturizing hand and foot beauty aids. All the items are packed in a giftable tin box ready to be handed to your closest woman miles and miles away.

8. 7-Color Volcano Essential Oil Diffuser With Remote Control

Create a noise-free and dim-light atmosphere in a room and furnish the space with this great interior decorating night lamp like the 200ml Volcano Essential Oil Diffuser by Ideemoor.

This work of art is made of high-grade resin. It comes with remote control for uninterrupted relaxation and aromatherapy.

It has a feature of seven (7) LED changing lights and 2-mist mode. Its safe device shuts off the switch automatically when the water dries out.

These are excellent distant gifts for girlfriends who can make creative use of aromatherapy, water-therapy, and light therapy. She relaxes, meditates, and imagines the nearness of you even when miles apart.

9. Bikini Halter Swimsuit

Longing a girlfriend miles away entails physical affection, but the distance is a barrier. Make a sweeter challenge.

Imagine that great girlfriend’s body and think of long distance relationship gifts that have more of a personal touch. Swimwear, bikini, lingerie, and negligee are girl’s things.

Think sexy but if you are ashamed to talk dirty, then say it through gift like the Blackycats11’s Women’s Bikini Halter Swimsuit with a deep V-neck style. Its halter bikini bra supports up top, and the matching bikini bottom enhances the booty!

This sexy two-piece comes in black and is one-size fits all, with added lining and removable pads, and with adjustable strings tied on the neck and back. Its fabric materials consist of 10% spandex, 90% cotton and 100% of the polyester lining.

Some gift, right? If it comes from you, she’ll love it even better because you picked out something that you think will look sexy for her, and no doubt she will agree.

10. 4-Piece Victoria's Secret Mist Gift Set

Looking for a long-lasting, long distance presents? Victoria’s Secret 4-Piece Mist Gift Set is a sweet and reasonable choice.

Lasting scent mist spray in new-designed 75ml bottles that include Bombshell, Noir Tease, Heavenly, and Very Sexy are best seller fragrances you won’t miss your significant woman having without.

Near or far, love has no boundaries. Express your love with fragrant words and seal it with a mist, only by Victoria’s Secret.

What are long distance relationship gifts recommended for a couple?

1. Going Away Couples Picture Frame

If you cannot avoid separation by distance, stay connected at heart, and express your sentiment through art by hanging an 8x10 wooden frame by Elegant Signs. It is sturdy and durable and comes with an acrylic photo protector.

The wood plaque has a message “ I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us” printed on it. You can put the most treasured 4"x6"-sized photograph of you and your significant other.

When you stand it with an easel, it will make an excellent décor to furnish any interior space at home or in the office.

These long-distance gifts serve as a soft reminder for him and her that distant relationships transcend the distance between space.

2. Customizable Matching Coffee Mug Cup Set

Don’t think mugs and tumblers are just the natural and affordable gifts to give in any occasion. There’s more to it than just a drinking vessel.

If you customize a couple’s mugs, they become more meaningful. You can choose the markings for each piece, like drawings, funny expressions, romantic phrases, or sexy words.

This coffee mugs set by 365 In Love will make an awesome surprise for those long-missed couple friends who settle miles and miles away. Surprise anyone with these cute mugs! Remember, it is necessary to give accurate information for customization.

The package contains two (2)11oz Ceramic Coffee Mugs for Him and Her. It measures 3.75 inches tall with a diameter of 3.23, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.

Nothing compares with a couple enjoying a night cup spending sweet nothings. Don’t you know that simple gestures of drinking together are already dating? It turns back to the hands of time to remember those good old days.

3. Engraved Rock

Engraved Rock Sterlingclad is the perfect long distance relationships gift with writing that says, “No matter how far you are, Everyday around the clock, always remember, that you are my rock.”

This memorable keepsake creates a meaningful bond that only lovers can understand. The distance in between does not matter when love is vast and perpetual.

Immortalize your friendship by sending him or her this polished stone with a carved poem written in gold.

Whatever the occasion is in your family, your closest relatives deserve this engraved rock too. Possibilities are endless when the intentions are pure.

4. Miss Us Together Couples Pillowcases

A person’s pillow is like a plush toy, cuddly, squeezable, and huggable. Curl with it while in bed and feel its softness until you get relaxed.

Dress up your pillows with these neat “Miss Us Together” Couple Pillowcases by BoldLoft.

It comes in a set of two (2) queen-sized white-colored 20x30"-size pillowcases in cotton and polyester fabrics.

Giving couple pillowcases is a sweet gesture that conveys a well-wishing message for a long-missed beloved couple whether near or far.

It makes an excellent gift also for any friend or a family member living overseas, more so it will be cherished by your girlfriend, boyfriend or better half who is working abroad.

It is well-packed in an eco-friendly, ready to give gift box with Boldloft’s signature “boy & girl” graphic favorite You can write your sweetest message on the box to spice up your gift-giving even more.

5. State Keychain

State Keychain by IvyByDesign is a favorite long-distance present today because it is simple, lightweight and reasonably priced.

It can customize two locations (States or Countries). You choose any two essential areas and indicate engraving options as to names, coordinates, relevant dates, or can also be short phrases.

The Sterling Silver pendant measuring an inch 25.4 MM  is laser-cut and hand-polished while the chain is handcrafted. Its key ring is of Stainless Steel

Wherever you may be, you will not forget the important people in your life. It’s a meaningful token of a lasting relationship and endless connection between loved ones, friends, and relatives who are set apart by long distance.

6. Wooden Music Box

Among the sentimental long distance relationship gifts are those that can help you cope with the bittersweet effect of being across the miles.

This custom-made wooden music box and the sound it makes leads you to imagine and walk along Memory Lane. It reminisces the most cherished moments you’ve spent with friends and long-missed family members who have immigrated overseas.

It has a design of a bird and engraved letterings that read “miss you,” simple yet beautiful. Feel relaxed, wind it up at its bottom part and let it play the music for almost two minutes.

This gift item is made of polished maple wood, is eco-friendly and user-friendly. Everything is customizable from color to sound to markings.

Hear the soft sound coming from a wooden music box and rekindle the flame with your significant other. Think of the time you’ll be together again and reflect on those amazing memories you’ve had.

7. Tin Keepsake Gift Box with Long Distance Missing You Messages

Stay connected in thoughts and spirit with some unique and elegant distance gifts like this Tin Keepsake Gift Box by KindNotes. The package contains Inspirational messages, sweet notes, and lovers’ sweet nothings.

The Missing You Love Notes contain 31 inspirational quotes and passages tucked each in artful envelopes. If you need strength to cope with the distant relationship, pick out one each day or when you need it most.

The hinged tin box is accentuated by silver foil and measures a dimension of 5.5 x 4.2 x 2.1 in inches. The design and color of which resemble an Airmail letter envelope. It is embellished with a ribbon and a charm with it.

Each time you read a note varies from the previous. You will experience different meanings and interpretation each day according to your emotions. Sweet notes like these lighten the burden and brighten the mood of your day.

8. Puzzle piece Necklace - You are my missing piece

What a lovely way to express love in this Couples Jewelry, “You are my missing piece.” It symbolizes compatibility that no distance can break you apart.

This set of jewelry includes two (2) necklaces, one for him and another one for her in stainless steel metal. Its letters are hammered one after another, so this is not machine-made but purely handcrafted.

The men’s necklace has a dog tag that measures 2x1 inches, has a cut-out piece of the puzzle, hanging on a 24-inch ball chain (with an extension for adjustment). You can request to stamp a short phrase on the dog tag.

The women’s silver necklace in snake chain that measures 16”, 18”, or 20-inch will have the 1” puzzle piece hanging on it. It perfectly fits in the cut-out section of the men’s dog tag. Likewise, a small phrase or a name can also be stamped on the women’s puzzle piece pendant.

9. Memory Book - Personalized and Romantic Music Inspired Journal

Walk along memory lane and reminisce the love and friendship in this commemorative and musically-inspired journal, The Memory Book by Chloe’s Choice.

These are one of the best long distance relationship gift ideas for couples, girlfriends, or boyfriends separated by land or seas. Likewise, it is a thoughtful expression of longingness from the miles for a dear couple who have immigrated in other countries.

This hardcover scrapbook is thick, environment-friendly, and made from high-grade materials. It contains 8x 8 inches of artfully illustrated pages with three (3) sheets of beautiful cards and stickers for customization purposes.

Imagine the fun once again, all the achievements and extraordinary moments you have had as a couple or as a good friend to a distant couple through this yearly record-keeper that immortalizes your fondest memories.

10. Personalized Couples Pillowcases

If you are having second thoughts and gone fickle-minded about the many usual things offered on the internet, personalize it! Qualtry pillowcases can create a unique set of pillowcases custom-made just for you.

The “Customize Now” button is always available for your choice of design, add the names. Get amazed when it reaches your doorsteps or your lucky recipients because the artwork is one of a kind.

Sleep in tandem and feel the passion within. Sleeping with your significant other with a couple’s pillow creates a lasting impression. Your personal touch to decorate your bedroom is an expression of that special bond.

Surprise him or her, or both of them. Pick a message design that depicts the personality of your receiver. Celebrate love or friendship with these perfect distance gifts suitable for anniversary, birthday, engagement, and bridal shower or wedding.

11. Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer

The Bamboo Tumbler with 2 Tea Infuser & Strainer by LeafLife is an all-weather companion to satisfy one’s cravings for hot or cold beverages.

LeafLife’s 17 oz-Bamboo Tumbler has maximum insulation keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold ‘round the clock. You can brew some loose tea leaves, herbs, and fruits using its 2-piece detachable infuser/strainer.

The stylish tumbler exterior came from 100% organic bamboo, that is why it had its grain pattern design different from the other. Its interior is vacuum-insulated and made from Stainless Steel that can resist the absorption of odor,  taste, and bacteria.

Leak-free, spill-proof, easy to maintain and recyclable, the tumbler can fit most cup holders in your car and can match you even on the go. Enjoy your drinks the way it’s got to be!

12. In-Sync Touch Lamps

Are you hoping for telepathy with your dearest ones abroad? Yes, you can get in some other way. Be synchronized!

The Long Distance Touch Lamps by UncommonGoods can light up your life, whether you are near or far. Touch it, and its mates will light up too... near or far, regardless of distance, anywhere in the globe.

In-sync lamps send off a deep meaning of constant connection with people close to your heart.

Use it to signal dinner time, game time or when just about to hit the sack...get synchronized and feel that you are still one with him, her or all of them. Yes! You can send more touch lamp mates anywhere because you believe that love goes the distance.

Each recipient sets up the lamp through a Wi-Fi connection. With a touch of a hand,  each light glows the same ambiance with the others. There’s no need to choose a specific light color; there’s a rainbow of lights to enjoy, lighting up in cycles.

Let them feel that you are thinking of them. With just a touch of a hand,  you can touch their hearts...longing from the miles.


Everyone can appreciate a present when it comes from those with sincerest of hearts. The bitter effect of distance can turn sweeter through gift-giving.

Conceal the “missing you” blues and ease lonesomeness. Gifts can speak for itself; it’s your expression anyhow.

If you miss the person, words are not enough. There are words better off unsaid but don’t let those distant gifts left unsent.

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