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24 Going Away Gifts Ideas 2019


Have you looked for some unusual going away gift ideas in the novelty store or on the internet? Make sure the present is to be enjoyed every day and most of all, will remember you through the passing time.

It’s been a tradition of working to motivate your coworkers of good wishes and a goodbye gift when they leave the workplace. After working with someone for so long, it’s but natural it compels you to give them a parting gift.

Your colleagues on the first-string of work make a significant percentage of your besties and compatriots of pain and frustration. Because of these shared experiences, remembering each other meant a lot. Gifts can express that when words fail.

1. Scented Candle

Even though life moves you somewhere else, the sentiment of where we hailed from and the experience we have had in there remain nostalgic.

Rise to the smell of the good old days of those familiar places and home-related sounds. Light up a scented candle by Homesick and rewind those memories even through pure relaxation or meditation.

The scents of cinnamon, apples, cloves, and pears make effective aromatherapy. How much more the sweet smells of amber, musk, and vanilla? These are subtle scents that tap one’s sensory memory to remind us of days that have been.

Homesick’s specialized scented candles are made in the USA of which materials came from organic soy wax, a hand-poured process for a much natural look. It measures a dimension of 3.2 x 3.2 x 5.5 inches and not at all heavy at just 1.5 Oz, with a burn time of 60-80 hours.

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Get excited and dance to the beat of the sound or hear your favorite music in this state-of-the-art portable Bluetooth speaker by Cambridge Soundworks. The new OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition can deliver the most precise, loudest sound, and bass output you can ever imagine for your listening pleasure.

No other competitor products can beat its edge in features. It has Volume Booster 10+ watt power AMP. If you're wondering how far its connection can get, don't worry at all because Its Bluetooth can range up to 100 feet from your device without experiencing sound distortion.

The speaker can resist water and moisture, although not advisable for submerging. There is a built-in microphone for hands-free operation and a Micro-USB cable for charging. Its battery life is longer for you can enjoy playtime of up to 14 hours connected from any cell phone device or TV.

3. Friendship for Eternity Necklace

Feel each other’s closeness, although the distance may keep you apart. Cheer up a best friend or someone nearest to your heart with a Friendship for Eternity Necklace, one of the best going away gifts that convey a message of an endless bond.

The Friendship for Eternity Necklace by EFYTAL is made of two (2) thin interlocking circles that create an infinity sign, resembling the number 8. It’s the sign of boundlessness regardless of time.

It makes this elegant necklace of Sterling Silver that won’t fade or tarnish. It won’t even turn the wearer’s neck itchy or green. All the metals used in this 2-ring necklace are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and lead-free.

Its 19.5-inch chain is durable because every single chain made by Efy Tal is sure to last a lifetime. The chain comes with a 5-year warranty, so it is replaceable.

Send off someone with this friendship necklace wrapped in a box and is ready to give. The blues of going away will never be the same when you can delight somebody with a well-wishing timeless present like this.

4. Aspen Path Photo

There’s an array of going away gifts you can think of, but a photo with a poem speaks to the heart. Celebrate friendship with this simple yet meaningful Aspen Path photograph you can give not only for special occasions but for dearest ones moving out for good.

Everything is original, from creating the photographs to writing a poem. The size of the photo measures 5 ½ x 7½ inches with 8x10 inches of double mat now comes in more extensive texts.

The Aspen Path photo has writing that says, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only True Friends will leave footprints in your heart.” You can choose from the menu the photo and poem (the frame not included). Friend Gifts, USA make these thoughtful keepsakes.

5. Whiskey Bullet Stones

Men will always be men, and the time for liquor will strengthen the bond of brotherhood. The Whiskey Bullet Stones Premium Gift Set by Frolk will satisfy your drinking buddies with the ice-cold wine and spirits, without the ice to melt and dilute, and without altering the real taste.

Put your drinking experience to the next level and Impress your guests using the Whisky bullets. Just freeze the stones, and they are ready to use.

It will be the center of attraction for sure, so when some of them go the distance soon, you don’t think of anything else that will make a sweet going away present.

The gift contains six (6) stainless steel Whiskey Stones, two (2) elegant 11-ounce Whiskey glasses, a freezer case that looks like a revolver gun, a tong, and a freezer pouch. You can store the whole set in a matching wooden handcrafted box which you can carry anywhere you go.

Enjoy beverages to the last sip without a single worry using the chilling Whisky bullets that don’t rust and won’t break.

6. Picnic Backpack for 4

What are your going away gift ideas? Think of the receiver’s interest or type of getaway, and it will help you find a suitable present that will match his/her personality.

Enjoy nature while you eat and drink with friends or family with this multi-functional posh picnic set by One Savvy Girl

It is a black Picnic Backpack for four people. The set includes Stainless Steel tableware (mugs, plates, utensils, and flatware), a detachable insulated cooler bag, a cheese board, wine opener, and soft linen napkins. It also comes with a fleece blanket and a picnic basket.

There are more spaces for other stuff and snacks. Let the savvy backpack do all the lifting for you; just plan a getaway and be ready to commune with Mother Nature.

This outdoor tool set comes with padded and adjustable shoulder straps too for a glamorous touch. It is waterproof and of much better quality than other picnic bags you see around.

7. Stemless Wine Glass with Lid

If a drinking friend is planning to move to another job, a Stemless Wine Glass with Lid by SassyCups is one of the inspirational going away gift ideas that uplift one’s fighting spirit. It is the perfect companion for drinkers and coffee lovers.

Use it the way you want it as a coffee mug or teacup, and for other cold or hot beverages. It is durable, unbreakable, and most of all, you can rely on it to carry anywhere due to its spill-free and leak-free features.

The 12-ounce mint-colored wine tumbler with a clear lid measures 4.5 x 3.5 inches in height and diameter and has a shiny, powder-coated, and sweat-free exterior. This portable vessel is made of stainless steel and has adapted the double wall insulation technology.

It has a black ink marking that says, “And So the Adventure Begins # You Got This,” a very comforting well-wishing message to send off a colleague-friend, relative or particular someone.

8. Two State Paper Art Print

The spirit of gift-giving counts even more with the message it sends. No amount of gold can compare with the meaning it conveys, that you remember them at the time they need more encouragement.

This 8x10-inch Two-State Artwork by Canary Road used a glossy premium paper with prints in archival ink. It will look beautiful hanging on the wall in a matted frame (it does not include the frame).

Perfect going away gifts for any colleague, buddy, or member of the family are those that create a timeless connection that transcends the distance, status, and future endeavors.

9. Angel of Friendship

It’s time-consuming to shop in some department stores trying to find out the best novelty items you could get different from the rest. For special people in your life who will settle in another workplace, artist Susan Lordi of Kansas City, MO, USA has a unique and original going away present in store for you.

All figurative sculpture designs by Willow Tree of Susan Lordi are hand-carved and hand-painted piece by piece. The Angel of Friendship design has a product dimension of 6.7 x 3.6 x 5 inches, with a glossy finish and a unique look.

No need to gift-wrap this beautiful figurine because they will deliver it in a handcrafted wooden box ready for gift-giving. Choose a design that will fit you and your friend or loved ones.

10. Decorative Wood Sign

Cherish true friendship and stay connected at heart with this meaningful and decorative art sign with a message, “Good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”

Friends and colleagues at work can sign the back portion of this artwork with messages. It will create a boundless bond for a going away person you will miss.

This 14x11-inch Decorative Wood Sign by Lake House Products is lightweight and made of birch plywood, with a hook for smooth wall hanging. It is a high-quality product made in the USA.

Lake House Products wall decor signs can fit any room interior, whether vintage, country, rustic, classic, or modern. Hang this easily on the wall of your house, new office, beach cottage, a cabin in the lakeside and practically on any home style and structure.

11. Decorative Wooden Box

Some meaningful going away gift ideas come from indigenous materials that signify true friendship. It’s all natural, so it’s not fake, not made of plastic.

The decorative wooden box by TERRAACRAFT is an all-purpose all-time keepsake box that can house pieces of jewelry, coins, embroidery stuff or any fragments of valuables and mementos.

It measures 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces, handcrafted with Jaali and flower on its lid. This beautiful product is India-made.

It can also serve as a simple yet elegant table decor other than a storage box. Place it on a dresser or send it to a special someone.

12. Going Away Military Banner

The Going Away Military Banner by Paper Blast is personalized decoration stuff used as a stylish backdrop for a going away celebration.

The banner may come in two sizes that measure 48 x 24 (inches), or you may choose a bigger one at 60 x 42 (inches), both customizable to your preference.

They print the artwork on a glossy paper using high-grade inks. This banner is a unique expression of gratitude in honor of all the Men and Women in the Military Service.

Throwing a party for the future heroes is one of the sincerest going away gifts that any family can host.

13. Hidden Liquor Bracelet Flask

Just like men, women could love alcohol too but do not want to be called an alcoholic. Now, you can bring along your favorite liquor for a shot or two, and can be discreet about it.

Try giving a girlfriend this classic bracelet in a ready-to-give wooden box. The luxurious Liquor Bracelet Flask by Elega is a classy bracelet/bangle with a hidden secret one of a kind accessory a woman can own.

The rose gold bracelet that weighs 1.1 lbs can fit any size of women’s wrist, can fill in a 3.5 ounce of liquor, and has a funnel for pouring. Best of all, they accessorize it with a cute rhinestone lid.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Isn’t it a fun and classy gift, the unique going away present for that special friend?

14. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Have you seen an unusual-looking mug that looks like a camera lens? It seems like a replica of Canon EF 24-105mm Lens with rare feature like movable buttons.

This Camera Lens Coffee Mug by Indie Camera Gear is a sporty travel mug that can hold 13.5 ounces of coffee. It is not heavy to carry at 1.25 lbs. It has a lid opening, so you need not open the entire lid which also has a rubberized focus and zoom rings designs.

Leak-free, spill-free, rustproof, and worry-free, you will get a sip of brewed coffee down to the last drop. As a bonus, you get a 16GB USB Flash Drive with a keychain you can attach to the mug.

The stainless steel coffee mug set is perfect for photographers, cinematographers, photography hobbyists, or for anyone who wants the fun and functionality of it.

It’s a legit-looking lens that you can prank with friends or give as going away present. Yes! It’s the best conversation starter, a center of attraction; it sure can amaze even the choosiest camera fan.

15. Glowing Lunar Phase Pendant

When there are office colleagues that you regard as besties, you support them all the way either in keeping the job or going away for upliftment.

Closer colleagues don’t want to miss the chance of gifting a memento as a token of friendship. There are more going away present ideas that you can think of without ripping much your wallet.

For occasions creating memories to cherish, choose this glowing Moon Phase Necklace. Little Gem Girl, USA handcraft it.

The moon phase pendant with a glowing feature can be in necklace or keychain custom made for you in a week. The moon image is so realistic, fused in a glass bevel, with a 24-inch link or a ball chain.

You may choose the metal finish: Antique Copper, Antique Bronze, Silver or Gunmetal.

This unique pendant can be personalized according to the date you indicated in the drop-down menu (MM/DD/YYYY) to determine the moon phase charm. It can be a birthdate, anniversary, or any date of remembrance.

16. Going Away Party Apron

Customized products for any occasion are trendy today. It certainly puts a smile on your loved one's face, more so if their passion speaks for it.

The Party Apron by Ambesonne has a simple but striking design, a four-leaf clover with a ladybug that symbolizes good luck.

It is one of the going away gifts you can present to close friends who are cooking/baking enthusiasts, industrial artists, painters or gardeners.

The apron can be a festive costume too. You can give two of these as an anniversary gift; it will make a lovely couple apron.

This stylish and durable polyester-made apron fits all sizes at 31 inches long and 26 inches wide. It has adjustable black ties and straps.

This apron is waterproof and very comfortable. There are a thousand and one colors and designs to choose from.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee that the print won’t fade because of the new digital printing method adapted.

17. 3-Keychain Set

Key chains will always be the most straightforward yet symbolic going away gift ideas you can think of when you are running out of time. It signifies a special bond between friends and closest relatives.

The 3-key chain set by It’s All About... You! comprises a hand-assembled Key Chain with a Key Ring (25mm), a charm with an imprinted marking, “Best Friends,” and a zinc-alloy Compass Charm (30mm in diameter)

Attach it to a bag as a dangling charm, or hook as a zipper pull. It’s a remembrance gift that every time you see it, you’ll remember the giver

They pack the 3-key chain set with a display card, “It’s All About… You!”, ready to give, convenient to look on, lightweight and not heavy on the wallet.

18. Bathroom Mat

Have you thought of a bathroom makeover? You can decorate it with this durable Bathroom Mat by Ambesonne.

It comes in a blue, red and grey designs of an old airplane image, with an imprinted sign, “Bon Voyage Lets Travel Fly Vintage.” It’s not just an ordinary mat, but it’s a plush décor for the bathroom.

This soft mat measures in inches 29.5 W x 17.5 L, made of high-grade polyester, water-resistant, dries fast, with no-slip backing. It can match any surfaces like floors and bathroom tiles.

Made in the USA, that’s why it’s classy. It does not fade at all because it used high-end technology in digital printing.

Choose a theme for anyone you wanted this gift to reach. Yes! You can give this as a present. You can find a unique theme for a, and you realize that merely going away gifts like these can create joy and warm the heart.

19. Large Beach Bags

For the beach buff you or for friends who enjoy communing with nature, a constant companion could be a large Beach Bags by fiezkaa. This carries all your items for that perfect beach getaway.

This double extra-large mesh tote bag (with zipper) measures 30” with a lot of pockets and rooms to organize your stuff and goodies.

The bag is big with a long sturdy strap, lightweight, foldable, breathable, and can fit in five towels, water bottles, goggles, lotion, slippers, etc.

The inside zippered pocket protects your wallet, keys, and cellphone because it is waterproof, even the bottom part of it.

Even if you go rush for the beach escapes, you can prepare quickly and clutter-free in this organizer beach bag.

21. Sand Free Beach Blanket

The 3S of going to the beach: the sun, the sea, the sand. Much as you enjoy the sand on your feet, it messes up your stuff, and some tiny particles want to go home with you.

With the travel-friendly Beach Blanket by Live Infinitely, seven (7) people can enjoy the beach worry-free and sand-free when you all arrive home.

Enjoy the comfort of this sand spreadsheet that measures a whopping 90 sq. ft. (9 x 10) which can fold and synch in tight into the blanket’s 4x8-inch pouch for easy portability. If the blanket is spread, you can use the pouch for other valuables you want to safeguard from getting wet.

The blanket is ultra-soft, water-repellent, moisture and heat-resistant and breathable due to its 210T Ripstop Nylon technology, and most of all, 100% that sand won’t stand a chance.

For added protection, there are five weightable pouches that you can fill with sands so strong winds won’t go in a way. If you use it for picnics, there are also four anchoring metal stakes and loops for securing on the grass.

It’s compact and durable with multi-purpose usage. Carry it and be territorial in any outdoor occasions, festivals or just about any adventure.

With one-year satisfaction warranty, you are assured of its durability, and you can enjoy years of most cherished memories.

So, leave your worries behind and leave the sands where they are supposed to be. Don’t you think this can be another of the best going away gift ideas as well?

22. Jewelry Music Box

Sentiments will pour when a music box plays its tune, and the wooden Jewelry Music Box by Cottage Garden is a precious memento that serves as a farewell gift.

It is a 2 x 6 x 4 (in inches) handcrafted wooden jewelry box finished with a distressed paint to create an antique look. It has a lock to secure your keepsake together with a vintage-looking key.

This product includes a locket pendant that you can put a small photo in. Contained in the box is a wind-up mechanism that plays a soft-sounding tune.

Whether it’s retirement, maternity or because they have found career opportunities elsewhere, the perfect going away gifts serve as a focal point for remembering those memories, and in the same way, they also remember you.

23. Farewell Bracelet

Friendship is not a small thing; it is a million worth of little things. If you are looking for a cute gift that will mean a thousand messages, this Farewell Bracelet can convey your sweet goodbye.

The 7-inch Farewell bracelet is stretchy so it will fit any size of wrist. It comprised 6mm Amazonite beads which symbolize success, courage, and hope. It has a dangling ladybug charm which symbolizes good luck. The bracelet is presented in a gift box with a satin bow and an insert Message Card.

This must be the perfect souvenir for a boss, coworkers, and members of the family or just only friends who are moving away in search of better job opportunities. The Farewell bracelet is Amazon’s choice for the best going away present.

24. Jar of Smiles

Be inspired throughout the day and get a dose of motivation to keep up with your tasks. Reflect with positive vibes with the Jar of Smiles presented by Smiles by Julie

The Jar of Smiles contains another bonus jar filled with 31 colorful and funny quotations. Pick one a day, pause and reflect on, and you will feel how it affects your day.

Each day has a different meaning of joy, and for the whole month, you have all the reasons to wear a smile on your face. Be filled with wisdom and motivation that will start from you, act on it, then share the positivity to your friends and family.

The jars are made from high-grade Italian Orcio glass handmade to perfection. They are contained in a presentable gift box ready to give and share the unique feel.

Prove that love and friendship sent through this small jar could tantamount to a thousand and one amount of thoughtfulness. After all, it’s the best going away present with a personal touch.


Time flies fast and becomes history, but friendship is here to keep, and the memories it built will forever stay. Therefore, we value friendship in our workplace, a token of which we give each other to commemorate that once upon a time, your roads met and became entwined.

Make sure that your gift matches your coworker’s personality. Estimate the relationship you have had. We can give some personal stuff to the closest ones, but for those you are just civil with, practical gifts will do.

Celebrate others’ victories of stepping into a new adventure. Be glad that opportunities come to anyone, and everyone has a fair chance to grow.

Although goodbyes hurt, going away, gifts can ease and help the bond grow fonder.

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