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The Best Friend’s Guide to Gifting Knitters


Be honest with me, coming up with gift ideas can turn into a nightmare, especially if that gift is for a knitter.

If you’ve been blessed to have a knitter as a friend, then you have probably been the recipient of lovingly made gifts that were the result of hours of hard work and years of practice. When a special occasion rolls around, it’s only reasonable that you’d want to give something extra special back, preferably something that has to do with their hobby.

And you’d think someone with a hobby would be easy to shop for, right? Nope.

Gifts for knitters aren’t the easiest to pick out. For one thing, while no knitter can ever have enough of the basics like yarn and needles, you wouldn’t want to give plain knitting presents that anyone can pick up off a retail shelf.

You want something special. Something that would not only show that particular knitter in your life how much you appreciate them but also how you support their hobby to the fullest.

Out of ideas for that perfect present? Don’t give in to the temptation to give in and get them a gift card from their favorite craft store.

Worry not now, here we are to help you by listing down knitting gift ideas for knitters based on the type of hobbyist they are.

The Utilitarian

If your knitter has made you the same scarf every year you’ve known them or insists that mittens and hats always match, then you might have a dyed-in-the-wool (pardon the pun) traditional knitter on your hands.

Utilitarian knitters always appreciate any gift you’d give them—they have perfect manners that way—but you can rest assured that something beautiful and useful will make their knitter’s heart happy. Try to find the prettiest yarn bowls you can afford, like these elegantly simple ones from Amazon, and see their eyes light up when they take it out of the box.

Keeping everything tidy is also a utilitarian trait, so a rolling needle organizer might be a valuable addition to this type of knitter’s craft stash if they don’t have one yet.

For the Quirky

She’s been to a yarn-bombing party; he’s been known to knit costumes for his cats all year round. Quirky knitters don’t take things too seriously, and they like to have fun and enjoy thinking out of the box.

Why not get them something whimsical, like a pair of the most humungous knitting needles they have ever seen? And if you’re feeling extra generous, don’t forget the matching yarn!

If they’re lovers of fantasy and lore, you might do well to get them this knitting pattern book that teaches knitters to create gorgeous designs that had previously existed only in stories and fairytales. Just be prepared to get a pair of mittens that resemble chain mail armor for your next birthday.

The Committed

Does your knitter friend love a challenge? Do they have to complete their twenty annual patterns come hell or high water?

Lend them a hand in meeting their goal and grab them a little illumination to light their way. One of the best gifts for them would be an ultra lightweight, perfectly-positioned crafting light to help them knit through the night if need be.

You might also want to think about brightening their work area with something a little less portable but a lot more powerful: a crafting desk light. More light and adjustable settings will ease eye strain and make the knitting process even more enjoyable!

reading light for knitting

The Traveler

This isn’t the kind of knitter you’d find on a rocking chair at home, sipping tea with a cat on their lap. This knitter has waterproof packs of material for knitting at the beach, a snug yarn tote for when they’re hiking across mountain paths, and an array of warm socks they made for everyone they travel with.

If you’re looking for the best of the best gift for knitters of this category, then you’re in luck. The market is full of totes and bags, and slings all meant for a knitter on the go.

A popular choice would be something cute but highly functional, such as this cute but sturdy tote bag that keeps materials and tools all in one place wherever their feet may take them. Get extra brownie points for choosing an eco-friendly option, as crafters who travel are likely to be environmentally aware as well.

The Cubbyhole Crafter

You’ve been to their home, and the first thing that struck you was that their small space was impeccable. There were no unfinished projects stuffed in drawers, no yarn balls “decoratively” piled on the coffee table. The cubbyhole crafter loves order, and they adore multi-task tools.

To win their heart, you might want to consider creative options such as this amazingly versatile wooden box tool. It’s cute, compact, and wonderfully versatile—keeping balls of yarn secure and hidden away while serving as a measuring tool at the same time.

The organized crafter might also appreciate something that lets them keep track of several ongoing projects. This yarn bag organizes up to ten skeins of yarn at a time, minimizes clutter, keeps sets of tools in place, and makes your beloved knitter very happy indeed!

The Clutterbug

yarn craft organizerIf your friend believes in the saying “a messy table is a sign of a creative mind,” then you might have a clutterbug knitter on your hands. The clues are also often out in plain sight: the knitting needles among the kitchen utensils, the skeins of yarn the household pets have claimed as their own.

If you want to help free up some space and maybe start creating some order from the creative chaos, this 6-shelf yarn and craft organizer can be a great place to start. Hanging in a hall closet or a craft room, this is a simple, affordable solution to some of your friend’s clutter woes.

A larger tote that your friend can toss yarn balls into, keep needles out of the way in, and carry around to meetups can also be very helpful. This one not only comes in a pop of color but also features transparent walls so that the knitter can see all the items they have on hand at a single glance.

Just in case your knitter is a fan of keeping everything out in the open, and at arm’s length, a craft caddy works on so many levels. They could stuff it full of knitting items, and it’ll still look tidy(ish).

The Techie

Not every knitter wants to raise sheep and create handmade wool skeins. Some, like the techie, want to utilize every single innovation they can lay their hands on so they can spend more time just knitting.

One of these mechanical innovations is the Knit Picks Ball Winder. It quickly transforms loose yarn into perfectly compact “cakes” that sit stable while they are being used.

Another device that might not look like it’s a modern innovation but accomplishes pretty much the same thing is this yarn winder. Aside from looking like an old machine, which in itself is cool, it has the added benefit of being a space saver—it folds up after use and can fit in most closets.

So there you have it. Finding gifts for knitters don’t need to be tough—you have to know what kind of crafter you’re buying for, and find the gift that fits.

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