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Top 17 Baseball Coach Gifts


Baseball coaches might be too strict sometimes, but that is because they want the best for every athlete like you. If it weren’t for them, it would probably be difficult for you to be at the top of your game all the time.

Showing how much you appreciate them is as challenging as pleasing them during game practice. Baseball coach gifts are not that common. Thus, we have listed the best ideas from which you can choose.

1. Personalized Silver Whistle

You probably have a love-hate relationship with your baseball coach’s whistle. Okay, it’s a little more leaning to the hate side, but you know that that’s one of your closest bonds with your coach.

You could give them this personalized silver whistle where you can engrave your coach’s name. It also comes with a lanyard, so this whistle is all ready for some action.

We’re guessing that giving them this gift might double your sprints during practice. At least this time, that whistle came from you. You might feel a little less tired after a long day of whistled commands.

2. Baseball Bobblehead Trophy

This trophy might be one of the best coach appreciation gifts you could give your baseball coach — an award that shows how much you look up to them as disciplinarians in the field.

This baseball bobblehead trophy is of antique silver tone poly-resin and stands 5.5 inches tall. It isn’t one of those cheesy trophies that look like bad copycats of actual baseball trophies. Its literal baseball head is fun and creative.

You can order a gold-tone plate to engrave three lines of a personal message or the name of your baseball coach. Each line may have 24 characters, including spaces.

This gift might also be the perfect team gift for your beloved coach after a solid win. Your team’s message on the gold-tone plate can also be engraved. Your coach will proudly display this memorabilia at home.

3. Baseball Flask Gift Set

We all know a baseball coach who is all about health and discipline for the team but loves a good drink outside the field. If you want to raise a glass to that coach’s hard work for your team, this gift might be the best choice.

This stainless steel baseball flask has the words “home run” engraved on it—a non-cheesy way of making your coach know they are the champ. It comes with two shot glasses, so if you’re lucky, your coach might even invite you to use one glass.

Unlike most flask gift sets, they equip this one with a funnel. Who wants their alcohol spilled, right?

4. Baseball Rose

Finding coach appreciation gifts is difficult already. It's harder finding a gift for lady baseball coaches.

This baseball rose might be the sweetest gift for your coach who might be a strong commander but still a lady who appreciates a good old flower. This gift has an unconventional rosebud made of real baseball leather.

So if your coach is not really into flowers, this would still be a hit. The rest of the rose is plastic so your coach can display this in her office or at home.

If your team is chipping in for one big gift, you could also form a whole bouquet out of these plastic stems. You can even give the baseball roses one by one to create a heartwarming gift presentation.

5. Baseball Holder Trophy

We think that one of the best baseball coach gifts is something that could be both useful and aesthetic. This baseball holder trophy fits that category well, which makes it unforgettable.

You can place this baseball holder trophy right at your coach’s office or home, while their most precious baseball rests on it. Their baseball would then have a better display instead of staying hidden in a drawer.

This trophy is 5.5 inches tall and made of poly-resin. You can order this with a gold-tone plate on which they could engrave 24 characters, including spaces, for each of the three lines.

6. Magnetic Baseball Line-Up Board

There are baseball coaches who love an organized lineup board. Unfortunately, not all coaches have the best systematic board.

If you want to impress your coach with your gift, this might be the best you can give. This magnetic lineup board comes with 30 magnetic name tags and pen so, during the huddle, everything stays intact no matter what.

Its layout has three outfield positions. It has a field layout diagram that comes in handy for every dedicated baseball coach.

Also, your coach wouldn’t have to worry about this board getting knocked off the bench. This board has a pre-punched hole and safety hook so that you can hang the board on a fence or somewhere far from the chaos of the game.

7. Baseball Bath Bombs

Every diligent baseball coach deserves a rewarding bath after a long day of practice or game. We know that athletes do, too, so you might even want to get this gift for yourselves.

These uniquely handcrafted baseball bath bombs are a gift set perfectly shaped into baseballs. They contain Epsom salt for soaking and a lot of non-toxic ingredients that are therapeutic and good for moisturizing.

They provided scent to these bath bombs, so don’t worry about that real baseball rubber smell that is not ideal for baths. This gift set is also cruelty-free. They did not test them on animals, so your baseball coach would surely enjoy this baseball bath a lot.

8. Customized Pen Set

Your baseball coach deserves a nice pen that they can permanently use in writing on their board. A pen might be a basic gift idea, but a customized pen set isn’t.

This thoughtful gift set has one case, one roller ball pen, and one ballpoint pen in it. These three items in the collection are all made of high-quality maple wood, and that makes it unique.

You can have a message or your coach’s name engraved on both the case and the pens. Whether your baseball coach has an excellent taste or a humble one, this pen set will still be a great gift: neat but straightforward.

9. Engraved Portfolio Notepad

If you want to add a partner for the customized pen set mentioned above, this might be the right thing to complete your gift set. It only fits that your baseball coach owns a portfolio notepad and not just a bunch of scratch papers for his game notes.

This portfolio notepad has a baseball logo and the word “coach” pre-printed on it so you could add your coach’s name below them. You can even choose among the different colors available for the portfolio cover.

This notepad measures 9.5x12 (large size), so your coach might even put their boards in it. They wouldn’t have trouble carrying the two together while watching your practices and games.

10. Crystal Baseball on Crystal Base

We understand why the baseball coach appreciation gifts in your head all have novelty baseballs in them. To stir those ideas a little more creatively, check this crystal baseball.

This crystal baseball is a paperweight. It is 24% full-lead crystal baseball that measures 2.5 inches of diameter and is about 3 inches tall.

You can also have engravings on this crystal baseball, although you would have to get it done from somewhere else. You may label it with your coach’s name, your team, or a short message showing your appreciation of your coach.

11. Personalized Sports Tumbler

One of the most practical baseball coach gifts would be a tumbler. Games and practices could get exhausting for the man who yells over the drills. Thus, hydration is essential even in the middle of a game.

If you would like to take that opportunity to give a thoughtful gift, then this personalized tumbler might be the best option. You might want to amp up a practical water container.

This personalized sports tumbler can have engravings of your team’s name, your coach’s name, and any significant year. Its etched text wouldn't ever wear off.

This lead-free tumbler comes in either 20oz or 30oz. It ensures that the temperature of the drink in it stays.

You might impress your coach with this because this tumbler can be sentimental. It is also functional that it could hold all kinds of drinks aside from the initial thought of keeping your coach hydrated with water.

12. Mug with a Glove

If you want your coach’s face to light up from their usual firm look, this gift might do it. This mug is like a toy with the glove attached on its handle.

This mug might change your coach’s mood a little when they use this to drink their early morning coffee. We think that this is a delightful mug to play with if ever you want to throw bits of marshmallows into your drink.

This oversized 16-ounce mug is of ceramic material. It is also safe for dishwasher, so it is not as sensitive as most fun-looking mugs.

13. Home Plate Plaque

Handwritten messages are a timeless way of letting people know that you appreciate them. Your baseball coach would find it touching if everyone in your team writes notes for him.

If you want to take that suggestion, you can get this home plate plaque that you can customize with permanent marker-written messages. This plaque is suitable for display in your coach’s office or at home.

This home plate plaque has a flat black and pre-drilled holes, so hanging it would be easy. It measures 10x10, so it can accommodate all the messages (and jokes) of the entire team.

14. Baseball Vinyl Wall Clock

If you noticed that there are few decors in your coach’s office, this might make a huge difference. Recycled vinyl records make up the materials of this wall clock, crafted into a detailed baseball art.

It is 12 inches big, so an empty wall in your coach’s office will quickly look alive with this. The clock also has a quiet-working mechanism so it would just hang there like a proper decor bothering no one.

An artist handcrafted this wall clock art, so you won’t easily find anything like this anywhere. It has a unique design. So, if your coach loves hip art, give them this.

15. Baseball Bottle Opener

This little gift may not be as sentimental as the other gifts on this list. However, since it sticks to the fridge, it can save your coach’s time and effort finding it in drawers or cabinets. He will be forever grateful, I'm sure.

This bottle opener has a baseball handle made of real rubber baseball material. The opener also catches the bottle cap inside so it just doesn’t fall on the floor. Picking up bottle caps could be a hassle.

The magnetic property of this bottle opener will surely make it easy for your coach to open his favorite drink wherever he might go. He could go on a trip and stick the bottle opener on the car or any metal.

16. Baseball Coach Appreciation Keychain

One of the ordinary yet timeless coach appreciation gifts is a key chain. Most coaches carry a bunch of keys, and this key chain might make that look a little lighter in a way.

If you are not big on giving personal messages, this key chain already has pre-engraved coach appreciation messages. It comes in a box that has the words “thank you” written on it, too, so you wouldn’t have to worry about gift wrapping anymore.

The keychain doesn’t have mere thank-you messages. They are well-thought of appreciation notes. We picked this key chain out of the many ones because of its cute little baseball charm attached in it.

17. Personalized Printed Baseball

Since we have already listed novelty baseballs and baseball holders, a custom baseball is not off the list. It might be familiar, but we know that some coaches love collecting baseballs. You can help grow their collection with a unique one.

You can customize up to two printed lines of text on this baseball. You can even write on it a significant winning year you want to commemorate, like a victorious game under your coach's guidance.

We think that is a beautiful thing. That might just beat the value of all those autographed baseballs combined.

Baseball coach gifts range from silly to sentimental. It could be a toy-like gift that might not sound like a strict figure’s thing but would hit their hearts.

It could also be the simplest thing filled with real messages that could make that commander figure weep.

Just remember that you should pick coach appreciation gifts thoughtfully, putting in mind that significant person instead of thinking what most coaches would enjoy. Thus, we have provided you with a variety of baseball coach gifts for different tastes.

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